Lindsay and Anthony

How We Met

Our story began in August 2013 at Crossfit Steam in East Rutherford. Lindsay had recently moved back to Rutherford after living in Boston, MA for two years completing her Bachelor’s degree. Lindsay’s best friend, Brittany, convinced her to give Crossfit a try – so she became a member.

Lindsay and Anthony's Engagement in Bride’s Childhood Home

Little did she know she’d later meet Anthony, who was a long-time member of Crossfit Steam. Brittany introduced us and secretly had devised a plan to make our match happen! One fist bump and a few workouts later, we went on our first date and the rest was history!

Where to Propose in Bride’s Childhood Home

Lindsay's Proposal in Bride’s Childhood Home

how they asked

Have you ever heard of the Christmas Pickle Ornament? In short, it’s a tradition my family does every year around Christmas time. My mother hides the pickle ornament in the Christmas tree and whoever finds it, gets an extra gift! My brother and sister in law came to New Jersey two days before Christmas to celebrate with our side of the family. Before they arrived, I greeted my now husband, Anthony, with a huge hug and kiss and then we ran out really quick to pick up a gift for his father (remember this hug for later). By the time we got back, my brother and sister in law had arrived. We sat down for dinner, wine and great conversation. I had the idea of playing LCR (left right center for those of you who don’t know) and had to run out to my car to grab the game. Little did I know that my entire family and Anthony had something bigger planned.


We played one round of LCR and my mom announced it was time for the pickle! So I strut my competitive self right over to the tree and was ready to hunt this pickle down. After pushing and shoving and army crawling under the tree, I FOUND THE PICKLE! Attached to it was a bag with a box inside. I didn’t think too much of it since my mom had bought me jewelry in the past. I was having a hard time untying the bag and my mom needed to cut it open. Finally, I get to open the box and at that very moment, I could not believe my eyes. I dropped the Christmas Pickle and it shattered all over the floor. I turned around to see Anthony down on one knee and he asked those four words every girl dreams of hearing, “Will you marry me?”

To be honest, all I remember is happy crying and jumping into Anthony’s arms. I’m not even sure if I actually screamed out “YES!” Back then the hug mentioned earlier on, Anthony had the rig box in his sweatshirt pocket when I hugged him!

How did I not notice?! Anyhow, the Christmas Pickle tradition went out with a bang, literally! December 23, 2016, was quite possibly the second best day of our lives. The best day was and will forever be January 6, 2018, as we finally became husband and wife!

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