Lindley and Jay


How We Met

I met Jay December 2012 in my living room. That’s right, living room! My roommate at the time asked me to come downstairs to meet his friend from college, Jay. Hair unkempt and in gym clothing, I sat down on the middle of the staircase and said hello. After going out later that night, Jay and I exchanged numbers and developed a friendship. It wasn’t until a year later, when Jay (an officer in the Marine Corps) deployed to Afghanistan, that I realized that I wanted him more in my life! We communicated throughout his entire deployment, which enabled us to develop a deeper bond than in a traditional dating scenario. When he returned in March 2014, we became “official” and inseparable!




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how they asked

On the day of Jay’s promotion, which happened to be April 1st 2015, Jay got pinned as Captain and began a speech of gratitude. He wanted to present me an “award” for all of my support throughout his battle with a severe disease, and as I walked over to accept it (and before I was able to open this “award”), he immediately got down on one knee and proposed in front of all of his Marines and family. I of course, said YES! He had been planning this moment for a couple of months and wanted to make it really special. Apparently a military promotion and marriage proposal combination had never knowingly been done before! The award read, “Will you marry me?”





This day was certainly no April Fools’!

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