Linda-Pauline and Jimi

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How We Met

We actually met at Instagram – I liked a photo of his, and he liked it back. Thats how our story begins! We kept on liking for some days back and forth. He actually has a screenshot on his iphone from my first like! I was so happy when he told me he had saved it and showed his best friend. He knew who I was and I havent even met him, even though we lived in the same area.
A few days later we met at a local pub, well a kiss later and the night was over. We didnt met more that night, but some days after that he came to my home. We just sat in the couch, talking about life. Everyting. It felt like we al ready knew each other! Very smooth and calm. And that was like it – we became a couple very fast and it was really love at first sight. I still remember how handsome I thought he was when he came to my home, I did not really recognize his face truly from the pub. I was totally hooked!

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how they asked

Our story is very fast. We have been together for only 1,5 years now and already has been moving together for like 3 times – we just bought ourselfes a large farm after my dad. When we met, he knew I was a wedding photographer and he mentioned he never wanted to get married. After some weeks and months of talking, he changed his mind totally. When he heard my vision and my dreams, he wanted them to come true!

Before we bought this home we had a lot of paperwork going on to get everything right, and I just said “Lets get married”. It so much easier! And he agreed of course, did I propose? Almost. Because it was my idea from the beginning :)

We got engaged up on a mountain the 9 of october 2015 and are planning a big time wedding the 3rd of september 2016. Like I said, Im a wedding photographer with over a hundred weddings in my bagage – of course I want the biggest wedding ever. And he has said the words “Im gonna get you the wedding of your dreams”. With that said I started planning directly. I have had this vision for years, it has always been changing. But now I really now!

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Our wedding is gonna be a huge barn-wedding, outdoor, garden-bohemian kind. We pray for good weather though. Italian/swedish buffeet, 12 people in our wedding party, large bouquets, grey/blue-tull wedding dress, white clothes for our guests – awesome local bands, and a lot of games, laughter and dancing. I want the best of the best!

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Now it is only about 200 days left before the big day, I have already got vacation the week before and hopefully my bridesmaids will help me. Counting the days now! Of course the most important choice about or day is our photographer Anna Roström ( and videographer the Orpens (

Special Thanks

Ulrika Borg
 | Photographer