Linda and Michael

How We Met

Linda and I had met when we were 14 at church. The day I laid my eyes on her I knew she was the one for me unfortunately, we were both young and did not know what we wanted in our lives but surprisingly we never lost touch and fate kept bringing us together. It may have taken longer than others for both of us to realize that we were meant for each other but God works in mysterious ways and every time I felt there was no hope she would return. All in all, I am happy that we both set each other free because it took some experimenting and tough times to really gain insight into how valuable we were to each other it made our love stronger than ever.

how they asked

We had been officially dating for a year and a half with no mishaps. I knew I needed to make a move before time would fade. June 1st is my parents anniversary of 28 years and we had planned to go to dinner a while back. I figured that 6/3/18 would be a good date due to the fact that we have a history of dates that have values, our dating day is 3/14/17 (3+14=17) and therefore (6*3=18).

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After dinner at the Chart House in Weehawken I announced that I had a surprise for my parents since they’re anniversary was 6/1 and that I had got them a photographer who would create them an album. As a result, Linda thought this was a great idea and that it was a very cute gift. We met the photographer at the restaurant and had walked us to the pier in which the set up was done. Just like that Linda had gone from my girlfriend to my Fiance.

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