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How We Met

We have a common friend who introduced us on We chat (Chinese version Whats-app), then we start our conversation on the internet daily. We had so may things in common -our culture being one -that I immediate knew that Linda was the sort of girl I wanted to marry! After we had been chatting for a while we met for a dinner as friend. I was so nervous meeting her for the first time but the second I saw her I just prayed that she liked me. IN my head I kept on saying ‘I hope she will want to marry me one day.It was then that I realised I was falling in love with her – everything about Linda, from her personality and her character to her style was just perfect!

how they asked

I was really nervous about planning my proposal as I wanted to to be just perfect so I did a lot of research on the internet . I found a couple of companies who help people plan their proposal, and after comparing and chatting to a few of them, I decided to use The One Romance who I felt were really professional and trusting. I really wanted to give Linda the best memory possible of this special moment in our lives The One Romance helped plan the proposal of my (and Linda) dreams. This is what happened: We went for dinner at one of the best restaurants in London and we spent the time having a nice and sweet conversation about life/work and the future. Linda obviously had no idea what I had planned so after dinner, I suggested we would have a 10 minute walk around, and she agreed. I took her to this beautiful chapel (she had no idea I had hired it out exclusively for the proposal) and suggested we take a look inside.

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At this point I was SO NERVOUS as I had no idea how she would react and I was so desperate for the moment to be just perfect for her. When we opened the main door, music started playing and we could see two violinists and a harpist, who were playing Linda’s favorite song. This was the moment it all suck in – this was our proposal and the place i was going to ask her to be my wife!

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The chapel has been decorated with thousands of candles and fairy lights and there was an aisle made out of millions of pink rose petals. It was really nice and romantic with all the decorations and both Linda and I were so surprised seeing such beautiful place. I think Linda is so smart and she already knew what I was going to do but she gave me lots of confidence and I love her so much.

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