Linda and Eric


How We Met: Eric and I first met in college while we were both in Greek Life at the University of Connecticut. It wasn’t until after Eric, being two years older, graduated did we become a couple. It was my senior year and Eric mentioned to his best friend after looking at my Facebook that he’d hope to run into me sometime soon. Fate would have it that “sometime soon” was the very next weekend when I was out with friends celebrating the end of winter finals!

We didn’t officially become a couple until Valentine’s Day, when Eric gave me the most thoughtful gift that I still have to this day. He gave me a box of my favorite chocolates, which seemed very normal for our first Valentine’s Day together. Little did I know until I started eating them that Eric had left a sweet note for me under each piece of chocolate. The notes ranged from “You are the sweetest person I know” to “Can’t wait for Disney!”. It wasn’t until two and a half years later when we got engaged that that last note would make all the sense in the world!

how they asked: The night before, Eric suggested we go to a nice late lunch since he had a half day from work. He picked me up and suggested we stop by a place he had been hearing about that was on the way to the restaurant. He knew I’m not familiar with the city and love discovering new places so of course I agreed.  We were busy walking and having an all-too casual conversation for what was about to happen, when the path turned the corner to the most beautiful rose garden!

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There were magical tunnels of roses and gorgeous greenery everywhere and I, still oblivious to what was actually going on, was just so happy we decided to “spontaneously” stop by on our way to lunch. We walked deeper and deeper into the beautiful main tunnel of roses to the center of the gardens, where there was a blanket of rose petals, champagne, balloons, and flowers!

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Eric uttered the most beautiful words, got down on one knee, and pulled out the most gorgeous ring! When I squealed “Of course!” I heard someone else squeal too. I turned around to find two of my best friends climbing out of rosebushes with cameras and camcorders! Eric had asked them to drive down from my home state to watch, capture, and celebrate the most perfect moment of our lives with us! I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Until…

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He mentioned there was another surprise. After a perfect afternoon with my now fiancé and best friends, Eric planned a surprise dinner that night with both our families- the very people who have watched us grow into two adults who were lucky enough to find the love of their lives.

mrs millennial surprise engagement dinner 01

mrs millennial surprise engagement dinner 02



We weren’t even on cloud nine for more than twenty-four hours before our first amazing adventure together as fiancés. The next morning, we were off to celebrate engagement week in the most magical place in the world, Disney World!

Saying the week was magical would be an absolute understatement. That was the exact moment in my life when I realized that fairy tales do come true.

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