Linda and Alex

How We Met

I moved to Spain in 2016. It was my first week that I was living in a new city, a new country, new everything. I downloaded Tinder to see if I could meet new people. I got matched with a handsome guy and was eager to meet up with him later that night. I was waiting for him at the main square. Then a man approached me who didn’t look anything like the photo on the app. I was being catfished and I was in shock. He told me we were going to meet friends at a party, so I didn’t say anything. We got to the bar and he introduced me to his friends. After kissing 5 people hello, I was then introduced to his very good friend, Alejandro. Alejandro was friends with the catfisher. After he caught my eye, I eagerly asked him to get me out of this terrible “date”. We eventually became friends and 7 months later we officially started dating.

Linda's Proposal in Lago di Como, Italy

How They Asked

Alex and I had an Italian weekend for New Years. We decided to go to Lake Como, which is absolutely beautiful. We went to Villa Balbaniello to check out the gardens. After walking around, we went to a small private terrace. I could tell Alex was nervous because while hugging him in a photo, his heart was beating so fast. He then waited for everyone to leave and then dropped down on one knee. Alex’s first language is Spanish, nervously and quickly he asked in English if I would marry him. I blacked out and jumped on him and said YES!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Lago di Como, Italy

Later on that night, he surprised me with his Plan B proposal which was during sunset on our Airbnb terrace with candles lit spelling out “I❤️U” and poetically in Spanish he took my hand and asked me, full name and all and asked if I would spend the rest of my life with him. Le dije SI!