Amy and Brandon's Proposal at the Lincoln Memorial

How We Met

Brandon and I met in college (University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown) back in the fall of 2009. He was a bartender at a local bar, and I was a server. We started hanging out and eventfully started dating. Since Brandon is older than I am, he graduated before me and moved to Dallas, TX. We were in a long distance relationship for a few years until we decided it was time to move to DC together.

how they asked

Brandon had told me for weeks that he got us tickets to tour the Washington Monument. I was really excited because the last time we had tickets was the previous winter, during a BLIZZARD, so we never got to look out at the top! That morning was a typical morning for us. We woke up, made breakfast together, then lounged by the pool. We stayed at the pool for a while, and Brandon mentioned we should head back and shower because we’d be late for our appointment at the monument. I didn’t sense any weirdness at all that day!

Anyways, we got home, and as usual I took forever to get ready. I couldn’t decide what to wear since it was so hot and we’d be walking around all day. Brandon kept his cool, let me take forever, and then we hopped on the metro. I felt really bad because we were an hour late for our entrance to the monument. Brandon mentioned it should be fine – I didn’t believe him.

Like usual, he was right. We went on the elevator, up to the top, started sight-seeing and snapping pics with our phones. I was emailing pictures to my mom as I heard someone snap a photo (with a real camera) behind me. I happened to turn around to see a man (the photographer Brandon hired) holding a rather expensive piece of equipment and turned away. Meanwhile, the camera man kindly asked if we could pose for a photo. Brandon hesitated to reply so I jumped in with, “Sure! Would you like us to look out the window?”

Image 4 of Amy and Brandon

Afterwards, Brandon made a comment how that was weird, and I laughed about it. We continued to tour the Washington Monument until we got to the bottom. Brandon wanted to check out Abe Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial – I wanted to go to a winery. We compromised and walked over to Abe so we could catch an Uber for the nearest winery. As we walked to the top of the steps, Brandon wanted to read the walls of the memorial – I had no interest in doing that so I “kindly” told him to have fun (I don’t believe I was too kind). I sat on the steps and started emailing my mom more photos (she lives in PA, and I was excited to share photos with her from DC).

Image 5 of Amy and Brandon

Image 6 of Amy and Brandon

Eventually Brandon joined me on the steps, and he decided we could leave because he was getting hungry. As we started walking towards the bottom, he grabbed my hand and pulled me close. He said something along the lines of, “Before we go I need to ask you something.” As I turned around to see his face, he started fidgeting in his pocket for something – the ring box! Before I knew what was happening, Brandon got down on his knee and a bystander screams, “HE’S PROPOSING!” At the same time, I begin to hear those “expensive camera snaps” and turn to see the same camera man from the Washington Monument! Everything in my head starts clicking that the day was planned! Of course I said YES, and bystanders begin to cheer and applaud! I was in so much shock.

Image 1 of Amy and Brandon

Image 2 of Amy and Brandon

Image 3 of Amy and Brandon

Image 7 of Amy and Brandon

As I kissed Brandon for the 174,058,383th time, I whispered in his ear, “Did you tell my mom? Does she know?” He said, “What do you think?” and turned me around to see both of our families cheering for us with balloons! It was the best day of my life.

Image 8 of Amy and Brandon

Image 9 of Amy and Brandon

Image 10 of Amy and Brandon

Special Thanks

Kenneth Jackson
 | Photographer