Lin and Corrado

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How We Met

Corrado and I went to neighboring colleges (Montclair & NJIT). My college roommates were big hockey fans, so we would always go to NJIT to watch the hockey games – Corrado was one of the star players so that’s how our paths crossed! We briefly met at a party in 2014 but hardly talked. (I remembered thinking, “wow this guy is way out of my league” so I didn’t even bother talking to him!) Serendipitously, we both ended up at the same bar a few weeks later, we recognized each other from the party, struck up a conversation because Corrado ordered a Carlsberg (a Danish beer) and we instantly hit it off! After losing touch for a while after Corrado pursued hockey after graduation, our flame was rekindled in 2015 and the rest is history! – Lin

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How They Asked

As a wedding & proposal photographer, people have been joking for years that it must be so hard for Corrado to top all the proposals I’ve seen. Little did I know, he would trick me into shooting my own proposal photos at one of my favorite places: on top of a mountain. 😭 I honestly couldn’t think of a more memorable or perfectly “us” proposal. ❤️

There was a rare once-every-75-years sunrise solar eclipse that was going to happen so of *course* we decided to plan one of our usual hiking photoshoots that morning.

Unfortunately, Corrado hurt his back a few days before the hike but insisted that we still went. (I thought he just really didn’t want to miss the eclipse… little did I know, he had even bigger plans for that morning so he was determined to push through the pain!)

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After climbing to the top and watching the eclipse, I set up my camera on a tripod to take some of our usual mountaintop photos together. We took a few photos, then moved over to the next rock ledge for a couple more photos before hiking back down.

We moved over to the next rock ledge, I threw on a dress for our next set of photos, I clicked the self-timer button, got into position, then Corrado dropped down to one knee and said:

“I love sharing these experiences with you, from the epic moments like these, the once-every-75-year sunrise eclipse, to our daily rising sun lattes.”

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“You are an inspiration to me and make me a better person in every possible way.”

“We’ve already accomplished so much together and I can’t wait to continue accomplishing our goals together in the future.”

“I love you to the mountains and back.”

“I have a two-part question:

1. Will you set a goal with me to come back here to see the next eclipse in 75 years?

2. Lin Pernille Kristensen, will you marry me?”


Of course, I said “yes”, then he opened the ring box and I saw three rings, so I said, “how many times??”

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He wasn’t sure exactly what kind of ring I wanted, so he got three different returnable rings as stand-ins so I could see the different options in person before ordering the custom “forever” ring – so thoughtful & smart, how lucky am I?!

How many proposal photographers can say they shot their own proposal? 😭 So lucky I get to marry this clever, thoughtful, sneaky man.

As a final surprise, Corrado had invited both of our families to come over to our house to celebrate that night. Such a perfect day!

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Special Thanks

Lin Pernille
 | Photographer