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How We Met

The way we met, some would say it only exists in movies, but to us we knew God had outdone Himself. Josh and I met in a coffee shop. My friends and I were doing a photo shoot for our church at a local coffee shop called DeSoTo. While I was sipping on my latte, in the corner of my eye I noticed a tall, dark and handsome guy walk in. Immediately, I thought he was cute, but also immediately in my head I decided that I would not talk to him. My experience told me, the guys that I found attractive usually didn’t have a great character to go along with that.

So instead of speaking to Josh, I went with being sassy. Haha Boy was I wrong. Josh was invited to the shoot by one of our friends but until that day I had never met or heard of him. Not speaking to him became very hard when he grabbed a chair and pulled it up right by me. Still, I held onto my decision throughout the whole day and it wasn’t until I was leaving that night that I came up and said with the most sass “Hi my name is Lily. What’s your name?” and he replied “My name is Josh, pleasure to meet you”.

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From that moment we didn’t see each other for another month. And then one day in a coffee shop about an hour away from where we first met, I saw Joshua again getting coffee by himself after work. I was there with my friend Riss, distracting her from the surprise birthday party that was being set up at that moment in her house. Josh came up to us, and we all started talking, and that’s when I realized I had been wrong about him this whole time. But still, I decided to take my mind off of it, because dating wasn’t in my plans for myself. Josh and I became more acquainted through hanging out with friends and then about 2 months after that we started talking and sometime after that he took me to the coffee shop where we first met, reintroduced himself and asked me if I want to be intentional in getting to know each other. About a month following that date, he asked me out.

(My plans didn’t prevail as you can see hehehe) To this day Josh has never gone to just get coffee by himself because he just doesn’t do that, and to me this day of proposal would not have happened if Josh didn’t randomly decide to grab a cup of coffee after work. This guy that I though might be conceded, arrogant and shallow, turned out to be the sweetest, most loving and caring person I have ever met. (talk about not judging) His personality is beautiful and fun and his character is astounding. He’s more than I ever wanted. He’s the guy that holds me for two hours when I break down and cry and he’s the guy that supports my coffee addiction. He’s the guy that picks me up from the airport with flowers every time, and I fly almost every week! He’s the guy and he’s my guy.

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how they asked

I moved to Phoenix from Seattle almost two years ago, but my whole family still lives there. I had to leave Phoenix for about two months this summer so Josh came to visit me in the middle of those two months. Joshua met my family once during the summer where he got to spend only two days with them. In order for him to get to know them more, we decided to go to Seattle for four days. Since Seattle is “my world”, I decided that I should take him out on a date. I told him before we left for Seattle, that Sunday after Church we would go out to this little town (Steilacoom) for dinner, just the two of us. Basically he, my sisters and best friend hijacked the date I planned. The four of them had been talking for a few weeks planning it.

While on the way to dinner I got the biggest headache and while at dinner Josh was texting someone the whole time ( I now know it was my sister) but a headache coupled with a date on their phone didn’t really make me a cheery person. Thankfully a table of amazing ladies had Tylenol and by the time we were done with dinner, the headache was gone. I was still not in the best mood. After having dinner, Josh took me by the hand and we walked towards the waterfront to watch the sunset, but we stopped a little shy of the place of proposal because he needed to stall. I knew the way to the waterfront, so I started walking that way, but he pulled me to go the opposite direction which did not make sense. So we danced on a patio and took pictures and danced some more.

Once he got the “go ahead”, we crossed the road and he asked me if I could walk on grass and I said sure. We started walking and I saw a girl that looked like my sister and I was so focused on figuring out why she would be there that I completely didn’t see the set up and the music playing. When we got there, the song “From The Ground Up” was playing and he asked me to dance with him again. When the song came to an end, he got down on one knee and I freaked out and almost got down on one knee too. He kindly told me “no no you’re supposed to stand” followed by “I love you Lily and it would make me the happiest man if you would be my wife. Will you marry me?”

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I said yessss! I threw my arms around him and almost knocked him off his knee. Then I heard a lot of screams coming from all sides and my whole family came out along with the dearest friends. I am still in awe of how perfect and special this moment was. I will never forget it. Thank you Tanya, Julie, and Sana for being the best sisters ever. Yura for being the best bro. And thank you Enna, Ana, Peter and Sarah for coming out. Ya’ll are the best!

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