Lily and Joey

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how they asked

It was a Monday, I know you’re thinking why the heck a Monday? Well for four months I had been working hard to open my own flower shop and May 9th was the day I finally finished everything just in time for Mother’s Day and could officially call myself Lily Deering owner and operated of Bantam Blooms Florist in Bantam, CT. Little did I know Joey was planning on also giving me the title of Lily Toussaint… or in his words “number 1 lady.”

Everything with the help of friends and family had been moved into my store and the last step was to put up my Bantam Blooms Florist sign outside my building, so Joey and his father stayed later while I went to my part-time job that evening.

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My side gig is working as server at The White Horse Country Pub and Restaurant in CT along the East Aspetuck River. This is where Joey and I met, had our first kiss, lived next to and even worked together for many years. The day I opened my store I went to work that night, finished my shift, filled a kids cup with wine and walked home.

I opened the door looked around at the mess I had left and said “we need to clean this place” I stood there in my dirty work clothes with the little white horse emblem on my chest and my silly and colorful kids cup filled to the brim when Joey “you can’t right now.” and got down on one knee. Joey bought the ring at Paul Morton Jewelers in New Milford, a small store because he knew I’d want to support a local business, he was so nervous he forgot to open the box but I was so happy I dropped my wine, collapsed in his lap and had the best Monday of my entire life.

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