Lily and Jackson

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How We Met

Jackson and I were ex-colleagues. We were both fresh graduates who were new to the workplace back then. New staff were arranged for orientation and supposed to know each other better but I didn’t pay much attention to him at first because I wanted to focus on my work at that time.

The first time we had a meaningful conversation was when we attended a staff training in fall in Nansha. For the details of the dialogue I forgot, but he asked me to take a picture with him in front of a statue of an attraction and it was the first picture we took together.

Still we were quite distant. We didn’t get to talk to each other a lot because there was not much chance for us to work together. Not until December when we were brought much closer together.

We were arranged in the same coach for a company picnic before Christmas and he was sitting next to me. We started talking on the coach (again I forgot the details but unlike last time, the conversation was more fun, personal and exhilarating). After work that day, I got on a bus I didn’t usually take heading to a family gathering as Christmas was approaching and surprisingly, he got on the same bus as me! I felt like it’s fate that brought us together. I told him I needed to go to the Police club house in Prince Edward but not sure about the direction. He changed MTR with me and showed me the way telling me he needed to go there too (he confessed to me that he was supposed to go to 太古,not 太子after we started dating =P). We exchanged cell phone numbers. I didn’t have a smart phone or Whatsapp back then. Using the same service provider, we kept texting each other and talking on phone and he asked me out for a date! :D

We watched Harry Potter movie in our first date, then went to Disneyland, and started our relationship in Macau during Christmas ;)

how they asked

Early 2015, it was time when I started asking him about marriage. Before we went to Greece in summer, I even asked him if he would propose to me during the trip. However, I didn’t expect it so much because he rarely gave me surprises=P

Half of the trip had passed but still he didn’t propose. But the thought of proposal had long been gone since we landed in Santorini where I was distracted by tons of spectacular scenery and attractions.

It was his birthday on 3 Aug, and we were back to the hotel room in Mykonos after dinner. He told me there was not enough towels in the bathroom and he would go get it in the reception. I didn’t doubt about it because the exact same thing happened in the hotel we previously stayed in Santorini. When he came back, he rang the door bell and I saw him standing holding a bunch of roses. He never sent me flowers because he disliked that they die after a couple of days. I was so surprised and happy. Then he took out a ring and asked if I would marry him. The ring was not a diamond ring, which looked so familiar to me – looked like the 5 euros ring I bought earlier in Athens. I said yes anyway as I was completely drawn by the roses. After a while, he took out the “real ring”, which he said there was a story behind. The “fake” one was just a joke. He told me the diamond engagement ring was given by his mom who would like him to give it to me. She even bought the ring and a pair of Chinese dragon and Phoenix bangles to me a month before the proposal. I felt I was so loved and pampered by the family.

After watching endless Hollywood movies, I still didn’t have much fantasy on how I would like the proposal to be like. Making it too much like a show gave me goose bumps. His proposal was not the most dramatic one but to me it was the most intimating, memorable and surprising one in one of the most romantic and beautiful places in the entire world!

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