Lily and Isaac | Biltmore Estate Proposal

How We Met: Isaac and I met when we were just kids at the church where we congregate. He was a very crazy yet charming 13-year-old while I was a quiet, little 12-year-old girl. I began to speak to Isaac because like any other kid, we both enjoyed playing video games. He would let me borrow his Mario Bros. games and together we would try to beat the levels. I remember, he would call my house but always hung up whenever my parents picked up. At some point he asked me if I wanted to “take things to the next level” (what kind of 13 year old says that!?) I stood there absolutely startled at what I had just heard …I wasn’t sure how to respond so I hesitantly answered “sure if you want to,” little did I know that I was about to embark on the journey of my life. Most people didn’t approve or think much of our “relationship” and to be quite honest I was 12 and had no idea what to think either. All I knew was that in my heart I wanted it, whatever it was, to last. At 13 he asked our pastor for his blessing, which now seems really funny…a bunch of pre-teens asking for someone’s blessing to be together. Our pastor probably thought we were crazy but he was cool and told us to be friends and get to know each other and if it were God’s plan, everything would work out. A year later, Isaac and I had been getting to know each other more and he decided he wanted to take the risk of asking my dad (awkward) if I could be his girlfriend. My dad of course said we were too young but both his parents and mine were very nice and let us hang out and get to know each other more. Little by little I fell more and more in love. It was and still is like living a movie were each year I was swept off my feet more and more. Throughout the years we endured many things and have tested our love but we have grown together and learned many lessons along the way. The best thing of all is that after 10 years I can say I am more in love than I’ve ever been.

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how they asked: Isaac, now working in real estate, had mentioned to me that he was going on a business trip for a day and could bring someone along. He mentioned the business trip in November and I had gladly accepted to go along. Late December, he told me the trip was going to be January 2nd and I told him it would be perfect because I was probably not going to work that day anyway. Turns out that I had to work that day but somehow he had called my job and arranged for me to get the day off. On Friday, January 2nd we woke up early and drove 7 hours to Asheville, North Carolina. When we got there, he said the people in charge of the event told him we had to be back and meet at the convention place in about an hour and a half. We then went to a hotel where he claimed his company had gotten us two rooms to rest while we waited for the convention to begin. I didn’t ask many questions; I just went along with it and assumed that’s how business trips were (after all, he had been talking about it for months). So, I slept for about an hour and then woke up to get dressed. When I woke up I saw that at the corner of the bed laid a red dress, a trench coat and beautiful red shoes with a note that read, “put this on love.” At that moment my whole body started to tremble, I was completely nervous and immediately thought, “this is not a business trip.” I was getting dressed when Isaac knocked at the door to ask if I was ready because we were running late. I walked out and we drove to the place where the convention was supposed to be taking place. We parked our car in the parking lot and then had to take a shuttle to the actual “convention place,” as the shuttle was approaching some gates we turned into the unbelievable Biltmore Estate. I had no idea what to think but I knew that what I had been waiting for, for so long was about to happen. There were many people there taking the tour of the amazing estate and one of the tour guides took us up to the balcony. When I walked out to the balcony I saw in the corner of my eye three rings set out …one which was a ring pop ring we had used for our, “childhood wedding,” the second was the ring Isaac had bought me for my 15th birthday, and the third was the promise ring he bought me when I was 18. He said so many things to me that I cannot remember because I was so nervous. He then looked me in the eyes and said, “I love you very much” got on one knee and asked, “Will you marry me?” Those words…four words every girl dreams of but I’m telling you that when that moment comes it is nothing that you could ever picture, it’s a feeling that is absolutely unexplainable. I saw that ring and I just could not believe it. It was more than I could’ve ever hoped for and I am completely grateful because I am not perfect and don’t deserve half of the things I have been blessed with. 10 years of being madly in love with such a selfless man. I am excited for what’s to come because I know that it will be amazing. Ah! I’m getting married!!!!!

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