Lily and Brian

how we met

We met through a mutual friend at Georgia Tech. I (Lily) didn’t go to Tech, but I spent several weekends visiting friends and kept coming back to see Brian. The rest is history!

how they asked

The proposal was definitely a surprise. We always talked about doing something super intimate and just us two. Brian took it to the next level and made it super special. I’m in love with bridges and we traveled to see our friends who’d recently moved to California. We were at the Golden Gate Bridge (my #1 bridge on my list I wanted to see) and Brian completely surprised me with a proposal. I balled like a baby. Brian can tell you I wasn’t very easy on him leading up to the proposal. I almost ruined it for myself while trying to find my Breeze card to get to the airport that morning haha. Brian spent a lot of time planning such an incredible moment for us both. He asked my mom and dad for permission and worked diligently with the jeweler over several trips so I’m told.

Special Thanks

Chattahoochee River
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Downtown Atlanta
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