Lily and Branden

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How We Met

We met in Grade 9 English when we got paired up to do an icebreakers assignment. We were as polar opposite as high school stereotypes go – Branden, the loud, charming, rugby player and me – the quiet, dorky, band geek. But despite our very different personalities, we bonded over music and became great friends. With the school year ending, and with the help of some friends, I finally realized I had the biggest crush on him.

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So 15 year old me decided to shoot my shot – the old school way – I took Branden’s yearbook and wrote “P.S. I like you” beside his yearbook picture. A few days later, after our last exam, Branden nervously asked me out by the tree beside the bleachers. And that’s how our story begins. During our decade together we would go on to prom, graduation, university convocations, travel, first real jobs – with lots of laughter in between.

How They Asked

For our 10 year anniversary in June 2019, we planned an amazing trip to Italy. On the day of our anniversary, we spent the entire day exploring Florence and I was in love. We had dinner at the Four Seasons as we were reminiscing the past decade together. Although it was dark, we decided to walk the courtyard grounds and came upon a picnic bench with twinkling lights. When we sat down Branden handed me a card and I turned over the page to read, “P.S. Will you marry me?” I look over to see Branden down on one knee, ring in hand. In the midst of shock that this was really happening, I said yes! We took a few moments to ourselves laughing and crying before we FaceTimed our families to share the news. Needless to say, the rest of the trip was a dream come true!

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Special Thanks

Kathryn Aime
 | Photographer