Lily and Bobby

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How We Met

While Bobby and I technically met in high school, we consider the first time we really met to be at the end of our sophomore year of college. (Unless you count him writing a note in window paint on my car where he spelled my name wrong way back in 10th grade, subsequently followed by me giving him the wrong phone number). After high school his family moved down to Charleston and we both went on to school. Bobby at NC State University and myself at Clemson University. When his family moved they decided to get a lake house up by Lake Wylie. As it turned out my family also got a lake house by Lake Wylie around the same time and our porches backed right up to one another. I had heard he lived in the neighborhood, but never gave much thought to reaching out to him. As time went on we began to chat over social media once we realized we both spent a lot of time in the exact same places. Comments on pictures turned into texts which turned into calls, and then one night he let me know he was in the neighborhood on his way back up to school. I had developed a huge crush on him in the time we had been talking, and knew if I didn’t drive straight to his house right then I never would.

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So that’s exactly what I did. I saw him walking up our street, pulled up next to him, and all of a sudden couldn’t think of anything clever to say. I invited him to drive around with me which led us to the grocery store. We bought some cookie dough and headed back to our neighborhood to start baking. I was so shocked at how easily conversation flowed between the two of us. We discussed everything from our experiences after high school, how Charleston was both of our favorite place, our goals for the future, religious views, and what we hoped our families would be like one day. Looking back, I’m shocked we were that open with one another so quickly, but it seemed natural. We talked for over 5 hours in that kitchen as we ate our cookies. Then, at the end of the night as I was sitting on the counter he walked over, kissed me, and invited me down to Charleston for Memorial Weekend that next week. About a month later he asked me to officially be his girlfriend by saying “if you say yes we aren’t half way doing this, we’re really going to give it our all.”

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how they asked

Flash forward to Memorial Weekend 2017 and we were on our way to Charleston to celebrate his “sister’s birthday” which was earlier in the month. His sister was in town from New York and his aunt and uncle who I had lived with for a few months after college came down with their family. Saturday morning I was told everyone was getting ready for brunch in down town Charleston. I was the first one ready (which never happens) and so Bobby suggested we take the boat to the restaurant while everyone else finished up. He said people wanted to ride it home, but weren’t ready in time so he and I would have to ride it over. I pitched a slight fit stating how insane he was if he thought I was going to get on a boat with my hair done in a dress and heels through the Charleston Harbor. His dad started laughing saying “well I could go with Bobby,” which sounded like a great idea to me at the time! But Bobby insisted that as his girlfriend I needed to be the one to join him, so I caved.

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The boat ride over was absolutely perfect. The water was remarkably calm and a group of dolphins came right up next to the boat to play. As we approached Rainbow Row Bobby turned the boat to face the Charleston bridge. He would start talking and stop, so I began looking in the direction of where I was told we were going to eat and mentioning where we should park the boat. When I turned around Bobby was down on one knee, tears in his eyes, and shaking. I started sobbing (happy tears) as he said, “I really did have a whole speech planned but I can’t think of it right now. Will you make me the happiest man in the world, will you marry me?” We hugged, kissed, cried, and somewhere in there I did say yes. After we both calmed down a bit he handed me a packet of information and said “I hope June 9th, 2018 works for you!” He apparently knew I wanted to get married at the venue near his parent’s house, picked a date, and put down a deposit 5 months earlier.

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I was so over the moon that I cried even more happy tears. Afterwards, he informed me we would not be going to brunch, but he did bring me a mimosa to enjoy on the ride back. As we headed back into the dock (while yelling at ever passing boat that we just got engaged) I saw a large group of people making their way toward where we were going to park. Bobby’s family, his aunt’s family, my family, and my best friend were all standing there. He managed to fly my best friend in from Texas, and get her to ride with my family down from Charlotte to Charleston all to surprise me along with his loved ones. While we don’t have photos of our time on the boat, we do have such a personalized perspective and special memories from that boat ride that the two of us will always share. To say our engagement day was the best day of my life thus far is quite the understatement. I’m not sure what I did to deserve such a thoughtful and loving man, but I am so thankful he is in my life for the rest of my life.

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