Lilly and Adam

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Lake Cuyamaca

How We Met

I’ve shot a few proposals before, but this one is near and dear to my heart! Adam and Lilly had a mini session earlier this year at the fair, and we had tons of fun! These two have a special kind of love that gives you all the warm feels. They’re goofy and fun and are head over heels crazy for each other. I was so excited to hear that they wanted to book another session with me! The dual military couple decided on Lake Cuyamaca, a beautiful location here in San Diego. Lilly told me this spot was more reflective of their relationship than the beach, and it made the session that much more meaningful!

How They Asked

Adam reached out to me through Instagram to see if I would be willing to help pop the question, freaking out with happiness– I said: “of course!” We planned out how he was going to ask and we were ready for the shoot! The day of the session, I can tell Adam was super nervous when he got out of their car (which is the cutest thing ever!) He snuck the box with the ring into my bag and we were off to start their session! I planned to wait till later on in the hour so we could loosen up a bit before the big question. We ran and frolicked through the fields with Piper– who had the cutest flower crown on! It was pretty chilly so I tried my best to keep them moving lol.

We were about 45 minutes in when I decided it was time. I had them stand to face away from each other and got the box out of my bag. I handed it to Adam and got a quick shot of the moment leading up to the proposal. After counting to 3, I had them turn around, and this was the result!”

Lilly's Proposal in Lake Cuyamaca

Where to Propose in Lake Cuyamaca

Special Thanks

Alexis Mathews
 | Photographer