Lillie and Colin

How They Met: In August 2009, Lillie left the country – in order to get out of a “rut” in so many aspects of her life – love life included. She decided to travel the world, hoping the old patterns would fall away and convinced that she’d find love, a great job, and a permanent life in Spain.

Lillie went to Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Italy, Ghana, Spain, and Portugal, and though she met wonderful people, none of them were this Great Love she’d hoped for. (Read her “Perhaps I will be alone forever?” post)

Image 1 of Lillie and ColinWhen she came back to America after a year of travel (May of 2010), a friend named Gareth had thrown Lillie a “Welcome Home” party, bringing along a friend of hers named Colin who was doing Teach for America, who was very smart, kind, and tall. She’d never met this Colin man and was excited to meet him.

In the months after her return to the States, Lillie began to notice a change in herself after traveling far from home for so long. Before her travels, she felt wander-lusty and out of focus. After her travels, she began to see the beauty of Boston and the family and friends that were there.

For the first time, Lillie realized it would be an option for her to settle down in one place with a beloved person, and really love it.

Her dear friend Gareth left for Peace Corps in China, but the skype conversations continued, and Gareth kept bringing up Colin. “Why don’t you go out with him sometime?” she kept asking Lillie.

Finally Lillie did, in September of 2010. Together, the two learned of each other’s sense of adventure and made it to places both near and far from home together (most recently China this past summer to visit Gareth!).

how they asked: On Wednesday, Lillie came home to find a rose petal scavenger hunt!

Under the largest petal was a beautiful letter from Colin, along with the instructions: “Go to the smallest suspension bridge in the world.”

Bring in Google for this task – Lillie Googled the clue… and it turns out the smallest suspension bridge in the world is in the BostonImage 2 of Lillie and Colin Public Garden – in her own back yard!

She sprinted the five blocks from their apartment to the garden and onto the bridge over the Swan Boat pond… just as Colin strode up from the other side, wearing a fabulous suit!

He hugged Lillie and gave a beautiful speech, then got down on one knee, took out the ring, and simply said: “Will you marry me?”


She screamed a lot and then, of course, said, “YES!”

“Don’t fall in the water,” Colin cautioned as Lillie’s knees buckled with happiness. All of the people around applauded, and a woman took a photo of us. Then Lillie semi got down on one knee and proposed to Colin with a silver ring they had gotten… and he said yes… too!!!

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