Lillian and Wes

How We Met: Wes and I met the summer before our junior year of high school. Funny enough, we had had the same friend group for quite some time but just never crossed paths until then. Our same friend group played a role in us meeting with the help of the “mutual friends” feature on Facebook. Wes added me, and I immediately wanted to know who he was… so it all began with “I’m sorry, but do I know you?” And we have talked every day since (five years to be exact).

how they asked: We were celebrating my nephew’s 1st birthday, and having a big bash family and friends. I had told Wes when we discussed engagement that I wanted our families to be there whenever he proposed- family is so important to both of us. We had just finished cake and were done with all the birthday fun, and we all gathered around to watch a slideshow my sister had made of my nephew’s first year.

Little did I know, the slideshow would turn into Wes proposing to me! The slideshow started and I was so sad because Wes was not in there to see it. I went to look for him, and his mom stopped me and told me that he went to the bathroom and he said something about not feeling good.

After a few pictures of my nephew the pictures switched over to pictures of Wes and I, our song, and Wes talking over it. I knew then exactly what was about to unfold! The video was pretty long, but very sweet as he poured his heart out and shared how much he loved me. As the video was coming to an end, Wes said “there is only one thing left to do, and it all starts with an answer,” and there he came walking through the back door! I was in shock and completely beside myself with an abundance of joy!

Image 1 of Lillian and Wes

I couldn’t even physically say yes, I just had to shake my head. Both my family and his were there, and Wes had some of my best friends come surprise me!

Image 2 of Lillian and Wes

Image 3 of Lillian and Wes

Image 4 of Lillian and Wes

It was perfect!