Lillian and Jerry

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For my birthday, Jerry planned us a trip to Vegas. It was my first time visiting and I didn’t know what all to expect. I’m not a morning person but Jerry had told me he had a surprise for me the morning of my birthday and kept asking, to be sure, if I was okay getting up early! LOL. Knowing Jerry, he goes above and beyond with his surprises so him telling me he hired a photographer, because he knew I would want the whole thing captured, wasn’t all that unusual or curious. We woke up early and had a quick breakfast and coffee. We Uber’d out to some random rustic bar. I had no idea what was going on at the time and my sceptisim increased. We walk in and join a group of 10 or so people waiting around like us. I met our photographer and soon after, a man introduced himself to the lot and instructed us to follow him outside and hop in his van….yes the skepticism rapidly increases as you can imagine.. After about a 5 minute drive, we pull into a massive and empty parking lot and the biggest smile on my face appeared!!! HE WAS TAKING ME ON A HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE. He knew that was a bucket lister for me! I then understood why he hired a photographer. We take a private balloon ride up and about halfway through the ride, a few thousand feet off the ground, he managed to get down on one knee and pop the question! It was a fairytale!! Everything was perfect and something I could’ve only dreamed of!

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Special Thanks

Adam Trujillo
 | Photographer