Lillian and Edwin

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How We Met

In 2014 We were friends and accidentally alone at a happy hour downtown. As usual, we would joke about your list, my list, the dating scene. We kept drinking and somehow agreed about how we really both wanted to be a phenomenal spouse to someone and help that person accomplish all of their dreams. We switched back to a brief moment of small talk but then one of us said we just want someone who “gets it“

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how they asked

When we met we both lived in Downtown Houston. We love Downtown and we frequent the bars and restaurants. On June 27 Edwin said we should meet up with our friends for happy hour and a double date. He said he wanted to take them to our favorite bar and where we had our first kiss. I didn’t think much of it because we love this bar and the balcony for the breeze. We get settled in and are catching up when suddenly they leave the table to get another cocktail. That’s when he gets on one knee and begins to tell him the most amazing words and ask me to be his wife.

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Special Thanks

Farran Manual
 | Photographer