Liliann and Justin

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Sapphire Point, CO

How We Met

Justin and I met through a mutual friend and our love for soccer. His best friend played soccer at the college I also played at and tried introducing us for weeks (I had no clue about this)! Justin even tried following me on social media and I never followed him back! Thankfully after both of our busy seasons came to an end, his friend sent a Snapchat of Justin being home from school and that was actually the first time I saw him! I made sure to meet him that night and we talked all the way into the morning. Something told me he’d be extremely important to me and over three years later he’s my best friend and future husband!

Liliann and Justin's Engagement in Sapphire Point, CO

How They Asked

Over our last college winter break, Justin and I decided to take a road trip to Colorado (26 hours one way!!!). I told him how the views would be so pretty and that we should definitely take nice pictures when we got there. He agreed because he was getting a new camera for Christmas and wanted to try it out! Little did I know that he had been communicating with a photographer for over 2 months about proposing in Colorado!

As we arrived in Breckenridge, CO, Justin suggested we go to a beautiful overlook the next morning called Sapphire Point. We then proceeded to argue over what to wear because I wanted to dress up and he told me we’d freeze. I caved because he was totally right!

Well, the next morning he was more impatient than usual! He just needed to get to the overlook by 8:30, and because he’s always extremely punctual I didn’t really put much thought into it. As we got there, however, he kept asking me the time which I proceeded to tell him it’s been a minute since the last time he asked!

We finally get to the beautiful Sapphire Point that overlooked the frozen Dillon reservoir. He then put his camera down which really put me off because I made it known that I wanted at least a picture of our proposal for memories. He then begins telling me how much he loves me and how he can see us spending forever together and I immediately start crying! He was so nervous he even messed up a couple of words but it was so perfect that I didn’t even notice until I watched it again on video!

After all the hugs and kisses, Justin points out our photographer Joe hidden within the trees! I was so shocked that Justin had curated this whole plan from New Jersey. I couldn’t have been more surprised for a perfect proposal and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with Justin!

Special Thanks

Joe and Robin Photography
 | Photographer