Liliana and Dennis

How we met: It all started more than six years ago in high school. Some of my closest friends would tell me that this guy really though I was cute and wanted to get to know me better. He was super outgoing but whenever I was around he was very shy so I thought my friend was lying. It took me awhile to realize that he actually liked me. I think the first time I realized he liked me was when I went on his Myspace page and saw the caption “who I’d like to meet”: the girl who sits in front of my math class.. I was the only girl who sat in the front.. I was shocked! He also had the song “Lost without You” by Robin Thicke on his page..which is now one of our songs. It started with a first date and many more dates with him and now I’m engaged..couldn’t be happier!

Image 1 of Liliana and Dennis

how they asked: We had planned a picnic with my family and his family at a park near the bay in point loma. We all ate and his sister suggested we play a game called make a snowman. This game involved wrapping people with toilet paper while being blindfolded. I had played this game before with his family so I already knew what to expect. My sisters were wrapping my parents and I was wrapping his mom. While I was wrapping his mom they had a tent nearby filled with balloons and a sign that said “will you marry me?” and the Disney Pixar UP house.

He and his brother in law ran to get those things and slowly they removed the blindfold off of everyone else except me. When it came time to take my blindfold off I saw him on one knee while holding “Our Adventure Book” just like in the movie UP!! He quickly opened it and in it are pictures of us throughout the 6 years..our school dance picture, a picture of when we went ziplining, and others. Then he turned the page again and there it was the ring!! He asked “Will you marry me?” So many emotions hit me at was the best feeling in the world! I was so shocked that I put the blindfold over my eyes again..but of coarse I said YES! He knows how much I love the movie Up and Disney so it was even more special that he added all those extra touches to the proposal.

Image 2 of Liliana and Dennis