Lilia and Quinn

How We Met

I met Quinn my first day at Cornell. He lived in the townhouse right above me and we met at a dorm orientation that day. As school started, we quickly became really good friends. Then, a few months into the friendship, like magic, we both started to like each other at the same time. We were both very shy around each other so neither of us said anything about our mutual crushes. When we returned to school after winter break, I fainted (from being dehydrated with the flu!) and was taken to the emergency room. Since Quinn lived right above me, he saw the ambulance take me out and made sure he found a way to the hospital. When he got to the hospital, I didn’t let him in the room with me for four hours.. I looked awful and was so embarrassed! I finally let him come into the room and as soon as he did, my tooth actually chipped from the fainting accident. I started crying and told him he had to leave–but he still stayed at the hospital with me the entire time… The rest is history!

how they asked

Quinn completely surprised me on my last day of a girls trip in Spain with my best friend. On our last day, we returned to Barcelona and had a free tour/photo shoot planned in a park which I was really excited for! (Side note: my friend’s dad plans tours and gets us involved in these sorts of things all the time, so this didn’t give me any clue of what was about to happen). As we walk through this incredibly gorgeous park taking photos, we come across a sign that says “Reserved for Lilia”.

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I obliviously thought the sign was for someone else and commented on how cool it was there was another gal named Lilia in the park! Lilia is a Spanish name after all so it didn’t phase me.. They encouraged me to follow the path, and immediately I saw notes and flowers leading up the stairs. Was trying very hard to hold back tears at this point.

Once I made it all the way up I had a feeling I knew what was going on…but Quinn hadn’t shown up for a minute (which felt like eternity at that point) because he was hiding in a bush and didn’t know when to come out!!! I was shaking because I was so shocked – we had been talking all weekend and I thought he was in New York. Kinda scary how good of liars all my friends are.

Afterwards, all the little things started to make sense…like why my best friend offered up her cuter shoes to me that day, why my mom and sister (who knew) didn’t message me at all the past week, and why our “tour guide” didn’t talk about the park at all!

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