Lilah and James

Lilah and James's Engagement in Lilah's Family Farm

How We Met

James and Lilah met in January of 2016 while she was finishing her Bachelor’s degree in Philadelphia and he was studying for his Firefighter Certification while living in NJ. Long-distance weekend dates and nightly facetime calls eventually evolved into a budding romance. As the couple began to learn more about each other they realized it was only a matter of time before they crossed paths, if they hadn’t already. James had known members of Lilah’s family for years before meeting and vice-versa, it was the weirdest set of coincidences ever. When Lilah was done with her degree she had moved back to NJ about 15 minutes from James’ family home and they were able to spend more time together. A few months later after viewing rental listings for fun, they found a home that was perfect for them to start their lives living together.

How They Asked

Every year my dad throws a big party called “Galdi Farm Fest” at our family’s Christmas Tree Farm, with a giant BBQ, bonfire, moonshine, and a live band. Every year we try to come up with something to top the year before, this time we were featuring tethered hot air balloon rides. I had a feeling the proposal was happening on this day but I had no idea how James was going to pull it off.

My sister and her boyfriend were currently up in the balloon when James grabbed me and said: “come on, we’re next!”. I kept saying “absolutely not!” and tried to walk in the other direction when he said, “No wait, look!”. As I turned, my sister and her boyfriend rolled out a banner that said “Lilah, Will you marry me?” and when I looked back James was down on one knee.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Lilah's Family Farm

All I heard was about a hundred people cheering and I noticed that both of our families had gathered around for the special moment, it was beyond perfect.

Special Thanks

Mike Guzzi
 | Photographer