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how they asked

We hosted a “channel your flannel” party for my 30th birthday. It was a Saturday afternoon and we had set up hay bails around a fire pit, decorated with cornstalks and build a photo booth. We served a DIY baked potatoes bar as well as a chili bar. All the topping were severed from mason jars. Each guest was given a flannel kozzie to commemorate my 30th. I really just wanted to have a very fall, low key birthday in our yard but the evening far exceeded my expectation.

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Around 7:30 Eric called everyone over (about 50 of us) to sing happy birthday. I was standing off to the side with a girlfriend because I’m not big on the attention. Eric had called me to the Center of the circle that had formed and began talking. He began by pulling out a set of keys to his trans am (his passion and hobby is sports cars he currently owns 2) and said “you see this beautiful red trans am here” the group cheered and I just gave him a puzzled look.

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He asked “what!?” Laughing I said “Eric I don’t want your car” he replied with “good because I’m keeping my car but I’d also like to keep you” and with that he knelt down on his knee and asked!!! I was in complete shock I did not expect it at all! It was the best moment of my life.

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I am extremely grateful that all of our friends and family were there to be of part of such a big moment in our lives. I am also extremely grateful that it has been recorded so that we will always be able to watch back on that day! My mother was the one who took the video that has been posted. We have friends and family that have sent us all their videos and photos, it’s just incredible! Eric didn’t not tell a soul so it was a complete and utter shock to all of us.

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