Liesel and Caleb

Liesel Hlista, and Caleb's Engagement in Cape Town, South Africa

How We Met

(As told by Caleb) Timing is everything. I was tired and lonely. It had been a long work week for me, but my day was almost over. I just had to visit a promotional event we were doing at one of my accounts and then I could go home. Then I saw her. She was one of the promotional models for the event. That smile of hers had made my heart sing a song I had not heard before… I was no longer tired. I asked a fellow model who she was. “That’s Liesel. She has a boyfriend.” I didn’t seem to mind though. Just being her friend felt like a rewarding consolation. She was magnetic. So we became friends. And I was patient. And I waited. And waited. And we began to talk more. Later on, we would sometimes talk for hours on the phone. And I still waited. I didn’t mind the waiting.

I knew she was special the more I got to know her. I even dared to tell her so. And I said, “All I need is one date with you.” I had a quiet confidence that we were a perfect fit and I just needed that opportunity. But she remained careful. But I knew when the time was right I would have my chance. Then one day I got that chance. After some time away, I had heard she was single. I asked her out immediately and I got that chance. I got a great pair of tickets to the Dodger game and thought that would be a fun easy way to go out for the first time after all of this built up tension. I was so nervous because I knew how special she was and this was my one chance. But the nerves and formalities were soon forgotten when we learned more about each other. We were truly a perfect fit. The best part was every minute of our date was captured and recorded on live TV (which I recorded) because our seats were right behind home plate.

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We now say that was the only date we ever went on. We spent every other day after that one falling in love. We fell in love the minute we started planning our first costume party as we shared so many quirky ideas for the details of the event. We shared a love for all things from costume parties to crazy travel stories to favorite movies. I knew shortly after it was only a matter of time when I would ask her to spend the rest of her life with me. From Great White Shark Diving off the coast of South Africa to debating on our couch who will receive the final rose on The Bachelor, there is nothing too small or big for me and the woman of my dreams… I am no longer lonely…

Liesel Hlista,'s Proposal in Cape Town, South Africa

how they asked

The proposal (as told by Liesel on the day we got engaged): February 3, 2015 at sunset On the top of Table Mountain Cape Town, South Africa So I can’t say today started just like any ordinary day because it absolutely did not. It began on our first day of our African adventure in Cape Town…so that makes it slightly unique all on it’s own. We had an amazing, delicious breakfast and then Caleb surprised me with a private helicopter ride over this gorgeous city. But, this is very Caleb. Then we took a tour of the city and stopped at private beaches, walking along the coast holding hands… ending up on a bench acknowledging how lucky we are to have met each other. But this is very normal we constantly express our gratitude for how much we compliment one another in this beautiful life. We love adventure and exploring and this was a moment to appreciate that in each other. Then we enjoyed a South African high tea experience where we over indulged in sweet delicacies.

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Shortly after (which seemed totally spontaneous and I actually even thought I was in on the planning) we headed to Table Mountain to catch the sunset of our first full day of this epic journey (it took us 30 hours to get here from LA). We had some traffic getting to Table Mt. from the hotel and caught the last cable car to the top of one of “the new seven natural wonders of the world.” For a minute we thought we missed our opportunity but it all worked out as things usually do and we made it to the top just in time.

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Caleb mentioned he saw someone with champagne and that we should grab a bottle. “Sure that sounds fun,” I said. Again, not out of the ordinary for my dreamy counterpart. So we grabbed some glasses from the little mountain top restaurant and set out to find our spot to catch the day ending over the sea. But here is where my love became slightly pickier than usual. He wanted to find the perfect spot! “This looks good,” I said. “No I want a more secluded spot,” said Caleb. “Oh this is perfect.” I exclaimed. “No I think we can find a better view.” 30 minutes later we found it!

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It was above the clouds, the sun was minutes from setting. We had our own little nook to snuggle and watch the day end with a spectacular show. He poured the champagne. I said, “baby, there is nothing that could make this moment more perfect.” “Oh I can make it more perfect,” said Mr. romantic. … Wait a second… he going to…NO?!…there is no way…I am a master detective.. I would have an inkling…he could NOT pull this off without me having somewhat of an idea that it would happen. No way Jose! Then he says, “Babe I have speakers for music.” “Oh! Perfect!” I said realizing of course I would know if he was about to…but sweet..I love this man of mine.”Baby play Churches (our favorite band),” I said with a smile. He grins and starts to set up the speakers with his phone and a camera to take an incredible sunset photo of just the two of us. But he took a long time to make sure the shot was perfect but then again this is Schultz , Caleb Schultz and this is what he does.

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Mr. Perfectionist. BUTTTT then before he hits play he says, “oh by the way I’ve prepared something for you.” …….shut the front door! Holy smokes..OMG!….This is when I know, only now that I knew, this most perfect man of mine had it perfectly calculated all along. This perfect moment was planned before we even left home!!!!The love of my life played the instrumental version of our favorite song (from freaking Chvrches) and sang his own original lyrics at the tip top of Cape Town during the last light of the day…. AND…. I ….LOST it immediately. This is so Caleb, so thoughtful, so in the moment…so us. He created the most beautiful moment/day of my entire life. I knew after our first date that this day would one day come but I didn’t know it would happen today overlooking Cape Town, South Africa. Just the two of us, so lucky and in love.

We sat down and I said this moment could not be any more perfect but boy was I wrong because being asked to spend the rest of my life with Caleb is the epitome of perfection in my world. I said “YES” after Caleb serenaded me with his own lyrics to our favorite song. I am the luckiest girl in the world with the most incredible, beautiful and kind hearted man. Caleb, you are my dream come true and becoming your wife is the highlight of my life. Life is so grand and so special and so incredible. I can’t picture a day without you in it. I want to love you until you are 105!!

Best day of my life!!!!