Lieren and Dillon

How We Met

I remember 8th grade talking with my friends at a volleyball tournament about all of the popular older boys that we would see in high school the following year. There were five boys in particular, with Dillon being one of them. They were the highlight of our discussion, never imagining that they would care to know our names, let alone date one of us. The first day of high school came and lucky for my best friend and me, Dillon shared the same lunch period. Every time he walked by, my friend and I would whisper and basically fangirl to each other about him. Little did I know, he was going around asking his friends who I was to try and learn my name.

The night we first met I was beyond nervous, shaking as I got ready. My best friend’s brother invited her and me to hang out with him and Dillon. Being a terrible flirt and insanely shy, I barely said a word to him that night despite his efforts to try and talk to me. Instead every time he looked away from my friend and I would turn to each other and ask each other if this was real life or if we were dreaming! That’s the night I officially decided that Dillon had to have been my dream guy. After swimming I finally got home only to find a Facebook message of, “Hey!;)” from Dillon. I could’ve died right then and been happier than ever before. Literally shaking with my heart beating out my chest I responded back with another “Hey!” minus the winky face😉 I called all of my friends to share the news, each one being as shocked as me. What would Dillon want with a nerdy 14-year-old girl who had never had a boyfriend before? As the days went on, our Facebook messaging moved to texting which then moved to dates. We started dating September 22, 2011, exactly seven and a half years from the day he proposed. It’s safe to say that it was love at first sight or first Facebook Stalk 🤪

How They Asked

For three weeks I had been convinced that my parents were taking me to a nice dinner to celebrate an award I was getting for grad school. My parents arrived in Phoenix and we headed to the restaurant with me directing my dad on how to get there. Come to find out, he had been to there just a few hours before. When we arrived, we were told that our table wasn’t ready, so decided to walk around. The restaurant was at a resort and the outside of it was breathtaking. Flower gardens wrapped around every corner of every walkway. As I was walking, I took a quick glance up to see where I was heading. In that glance, I thought I saw someone who looked just like my boyfriend, Dillon. Doubts filled my mind as I knew Dillon had work and was in our hometown 3 hours away.

Lieren and Dillon's Engagement in Scottsdale, Arizona

Where to Propose in Scottsdale, Arizona

As I looked harder, my heart started racing and I realized that it was him. As I walked towards him, emotions instantly took over and I started shaking from both the shock and the idea of why he was there. He grabbed my hands, gave a heartfelt speech, and dropped onto a knee while holding an upside down the ring.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Scottsdale, Arizona

Both laughter and tears took over both of us, followed by a “YES!” To top it off, I turned around and saw both of our family and friends cheering. Easily the best day of my life and happened to be our 7.5 year anniversary! Growing up together has been better than I could imagine, I can’t imagine how sweet growing old together will be! A video can be found on my Instagram @lierenhefner

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