Lidia and Octavian

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How We Met

I first met Octavian when I was 10 years old and he was 12, back in 2001 when my family moved to Oregon from Romania. Both our families are Romanian and we were both born in the same town in Romania. Octavian moved to the US when he was 8, and my family had just won the visa lottery to move to America from Romania. Octavian’s family were longtime friends of my parents and were our sponsors when we arrived in the United States. When I first got off the plane in Oregon, I noticed Octavian with his camcorder recording our arrival while mainly focusing in on the planes and the pilots who were waving at hi m.We spent a lot of time together as kids playing and being adventurous and he was always talking about his passion for planes and how when he grows up he will be a pilot.

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A few months after our arrival to the States, my parents decided to move to Texas. I was sad to leave my new friend, and for many years Octavian and I we were just friends. We kept in touch throughout the years, wishing each other well wishes on our birthdays and chatting on Facebook every once in awhile and catching up, but distance kept us apart. We were both focused on our education and careers, and Octavian became the pilot he dreamt of becoming. It was on November 25th, 2016 that Octavian reached out to me. We instantly reconnected and I was so excited to be catching up with an old friend. From that day forward, not a single day went by where we didn’t speak to each other. He decided to come visit Texas that December. On my birthday (Christmas Day) we saw each other again after 17 years! Seeing him again was the best birthday and Christmas gift I have ever received. On that day, we instantly knew that this was the continuation of something amazing that God had planned for us all along.

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Octavian and I fell in love quickly and some of our most amazing memories were made in the following year. That summer we went back to our home country to visit together the place where we were both from. Octavian got the chance to meet my grandmothers, and I had the chance to see his grandparents and great-grandmother again. We had a great time with our families and received amazing advice and words of wisdom from our grandparents. We traveled and visited some places in Romania and it was very special being there together. We came back home and it was time for me to graduate from pharmacy school and start working as a pharmacist. Octavian had moved to Texas and was loving the hot Texas summer, barbeque and all the beauty that Texas had to offer. We traveled, went on hikes, and spent a lot of time outside together. Octavian and I knew we wanted to start a life together shortly after dating.

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how they asked

In May of 2018 we had decided to take a trip back to Oregon with my parents to visit Octavian’s parents and the place where we first arrived to America and where we first met. Portland has a special place in our hearts and it was very exciting going with our families back to where it all began. Traveling with Octavian, on the flight there I was giving him a hard time about him not ever flying me and joking how I don’t think he will ever fly me and he was just laughing about it. Regardless, I was very excited to visit Portland again and kept anxiously asking him what we are doing each day and he was assuring me he had everything planned and that we will have a great time.

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On Sunday, May 27th, 2018 he told me that he has a surprise for me but will only tell me a part of it, just that we are going flying over Portland. We went to a local small airport and got on a small plane and we took off into the horizon. It was the most beautiful day in Portland, not a single cloud in the sky (surprisingly)! We flew for about 2 hours looking at the beautiful Oregon scenery. We were flying along and heading for the shoreline. We were getting close to the Pacific Coast and he pointed out where we will be stopping at a spot right on the edge of the coast. We landed, parked the plane, and Octavian told me we are going on a short hike to the coast to see the beautiful view. The hike up was very peaceful and refreshing. There was a breeze and the sunshine was peeking through the trees. I was really loving it and kept wondering why Octavian was so distracted on the hike, as he was on his phone texting or looking down, very quiet and thought he was nervous about something and I kept asking him what was wrong. He just kept saying nothing was wrong, I asked if he had been there before and if that was why he was so uninterested and said no, that he has not. We kept walking and through the trees I caught a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean and the most beautiful view I have ever seen. The coast was incredible with the breeze and the sun shining down on the ocean and the cliffs. The scenery was breathtaking.

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We walk out and I notice another couple enjoying the view and I was pleased to see other people out there. I told Octavian we should get the other couple to get a picture of us before they leave and he just said yes sounds good, and when I turned around Octavian was on his knee. I could not believe what was happening. His words were so thoughtful and beautiful, and mentioned how thankful he was for our relationship, how incredible the Lord’s timing had been, and how excited he was for this next chapter of our lives. He went on to give the rest of his speech, and asking to marry me. I told him the easiest and most effortless “yes” I have ever said as he put the most beautiful ring on my finger. The other couple started taking pictures of us and got very excited, and it made me so happy to see other “strangers” so happy for us, but then they start walking towards us and congratulating us and then realized it was Octavian’s friend Radu and his girlfriend Audrey! They captured the whole moment on camera and it was so special having them there.

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Most of the proposal was a blur, but the long flight back to Portland was something I will always cherish. Octavian and I had time, just the two of us, to soak in what had just happened. We flew back along the Oregon coast and watched the sunset on our way back to Portland. We went back and met our parents and continued celebrating with them.

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His proposal was already magical and perfect, especially because of who I get to marry, but the fact that our parents were able to be there, made it a million times more special. It still all seems like a dream and so surreal. Our love is rare and honest and grows stronger each day and I’m so grateful to have found such a kind, patient and extraordinary partner to share our goals and dreams for the future. It was the perfect day, the perfect proposal, and most importantly, the perfect guy. We are so in love and so excited to be married.

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