Licia and Clint


How We Met

Clint and I met my junior year of college when he came to visit his best friend. We developed a close friendship over the years and dated on and off, however, the timing was never right. After graduation, we managed to stay in touch, but our lives were going in two very different directions. I decided to go back to school for my Masters and started dating someone, while Clint decided to join the Marine Corps. A few days before Clint headed to boot camp I went to his house for his “going away” party. As I stood there, watching him say goodbye to his friends and family it hit me, my best friend, my hero, the one guy who had always stood by me was leaving and I had no idea when I was going to see him next.

When I got in my car, everything in me told me to turn around, run to him, and tell him I loved him, but I knew I couldn’t do that to him and I couldn’t do that to the guy I was seeing so I wiped my tears and cracked it up to me being emotional. However, as the months went by the feelings only started to get stronger. We would write letters to each other and once again I was tempted to share my feelings, but I still didn’t think it was fair. A few months later Clint was coming home from boot camp and my boyfriend and I had ended things. I knew that I had to tell Clint how I felt, it was now or never, so when he came home I poured my heart out. I had no idea if the feelings would be reciprocated, but I knew it was a chance I had to take. To my surprise Clint expressed that he had been feeling the same and we decided to see where this journey would lead us.


Shortly after Clint left for a month of training and during that month I was unable to talk to Clint and had no way of being reassured that his feelings were still there. On October 11th I received my first phone call from Clint, a few days later we decided to take the next step and he asked me to be his girlfriend. I knew the commitment I was making, I knew that there would be days/nights without hearing from him, birthdays/holidays that we’d spend apart, and I knew that I was his support system and how important it is to always be there. I also knew that if we could get through this…we could get through anything.


how they asked

It was memorial day weekend and my best friend and I decided to head to Las Vegas to meet up with Clint and some of his friends. Since we had been dating long distance we would often find places to meet up when he had time off. We had spent a few days there hanging out by the pool and visiting some of the casinos. Before going out, my best friend asked if I wanted to go up and get ready in her room since it was a suite and told me we could have some much needed “girl time”. I packed up my things and headed upstairs, without even questioning the real reason behind it. About an hour later there was a knock at the door, when I opened it I was bombarded by Clint’s friends who were excited to go out. A few moments later Clint came around the corner wearing his dress blues. This was the first time I had seen him in them and I felt my heart start to race. My mind was going a mile a minute and I had no idea what to do next.

It was then that Clint got down on one knee.


His hands were shaking as he opened the black ring box and his voice was cracking as he asked me those four magic words every girl dreams of. Without hesitation I said yes and grabbed him to kiss him. As he slipped on the beautiful, sparkling diamond he told me that it was Nana’s engagement ring.  (A quick side story, as a little girl I admired the love story between my Nana and Papa, who also had a long distance relationship)

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 11.50.31 PM

I would often stare at and even smell my Papa’s air force inform that my Nana kept in her closet just so I could feel close to him again.  I would ask my Nana to tell me their story and prayed that I would someday have the type of unconditional love that she had with him. 


So, as you can imagine, when I found out that my Nana gave her engagement ring to Clint so that he could propose to me with it, I couldn’t help but cry.


My Nana loved Clint and was a huge supporter of our relationship. A few months before my wedding my Nana gave her wedding bands to Clint and unfortunately passed away three months before we said “I do”. Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy, however, I knew that she was there with my Papa watching over us.) Clint and I have been married now for about two months and I could not be happier. Although our relationship is not typical with him often being away with the Marines, it is worth every obstacle and every hard moment because I am beyond proud of him. Clint makes me the best version of myself and even when he is away I just carry his love in my heart until I see him again.