Libet and Christie's Pumpkin Patch Proposal

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How We Met

I worked at a non-profit rescue, Eleventh Hour Rescue, when Libet’s brother and sister joined. The entire family became really involved with the rescue so his mom would often stop by while I was on desk duty. She would constantly tell me “you should date my son!”. At first I thought she meant Fonzie, the youngest of the family, and would laugh it off. Eventually Libet came into the rescue one night to drop off supplies on his way home from work. I was completely covered in stains and totally gross, as was he from his day of working at the family’s deli. It wasn’t love at first sight.

A few months later a co-worker and I were speaking and he decided he was going to have Libet and I start talking. So he confronted Libet’s sister, Gianna, and the word was passed on. December 15, 2013 we started a conversation via Facebook (my birthday is December 16 so I always remember the date) and about a week later we were on our first date in New York City.

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how they asked

Fall is my favorite time of the year and I love to do all of the cliche activities like hay rides, pumpkin picking, apple cider, etc. So we planned our annual pumpkin picking for a weekend in October. We had recently adopted a puppy and I really wanted to bring her to Ort Farms to pick pumpkins with us. Libet insisted that we take her back next week and just go the two of us this time. When we got to Ort Farms the line was really long and the wind was blowing hard so we stood huddling together waiting for our turn to get on the hayride. Once we got off the hayride, Libet just left! He took off in the pumpkin patch zig zagging through the pumpkins while I chased behind him trying to tell him to slow down and look at some of the pumpkins we were passing.

Eventually he slowed down and stopped, saying “What about this one?” when I finally caught up. Inside a heart shaped of pumpkins sat a huge pumpkin decorated with “Will you marry me?” on it. Libet got down on one knee and pulled out the ring while I cried in total shock. Of course I said yes! Everyone around clapped and cheered as we celebrated – and I still picked a pumpkin.

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