Libby and Westy

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How We Met

Westy and I met at our local climbing gym. He was working there at the time and I was on a summer break from college. We didn’t really talk much and I thought he didn’t like me at first because he was so quiet. Then he asked me to go to the hot springs one day and I said yes but he never followed up on that so I thought he wasn’t interested again. I went back to college that fall but didn’t end up staying there and came back home instead and we both started to talk again a little bit more. I still didn’t think he liked me but then came February and he finally asked me to get pizza and frozen yogurt. So we started to hang out and we went on our first date to a sushi restaurant and still up to this day that sushi order tops any other order we’ll ever have: five rolls, an appetizer, and two beers each. From then on we fell for each other very quickly and got to share our passion for climbing together.

How They Asked

In December, I believe it was Christmas eve, Westy and I were sitting in our living room and I was joking with him that he doesn’t have a ring. He told me he could put a ring on my finger in five minutes and I certainly didn’t believe him. He went to his car, got a ring out that he bought on Etsy, and handed me the box. I thought that this was some silly joke. Well, he didn’t propose then, but we went to visit his family after Christmas and he asked his parents for a family ring. They couldn’t find it until we left to go back home so his Dad decided to drive it all the way from Oregon to Montana just to drop off the ring. Then Westy decided to use part of the family ring and part of the ring from Etsy and combine them for one beautiful ring. I knew he was going to propose at some point but I wasn’t sure when. Two months later, and it was a gorgeous day in February; two days before our 3 year anniversary. It was a clear sky and oddly warm out for winter. Westy and I talked about going on a night ski the past couple of weekends so we figured today would be the perfect night. So after we ate a pizza dinner with my family, Westy and I headed up to Hyalite Canyon and did a night backcountry ski up, Lick Creek. It was a gorgeous night! I absolutely love stars and you could see them for miles that night. We got to the top of Lick Creek and we turned off our headlamps and he asked if I was ready to ski down. I said yes and he said one more thing. He then pulled me closer to him, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. I, of course, said yes and we skied out down to our car with a ring on my finger!

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Special Thanks

Nathan Norby
 | Photographer