Libby and Kurt


How We Met

It was my sophomore year in high school and Kurt’s junior year when we technically “met.” I was in search for the perfect date to our big Homecoming Dance. All of my friends kept saying how Kurt would be the “perfect” date. He was the stud athlete in the school, a comedian as many would say, and liked by all… no pressure! It was a few days later when I was at my dance studio class that Kurt had showed up with the sweetest poem, roses, and the ultimate question “will you be my date to homecoming?” YES YES YES!! From there, the rest is history…well almost! We dated all throughout college, endured a long two years of distance, and remained strong in our love and faith for each other throughout it all. When Kurt finally moved out to NYC (for my job), we knew this was our “we made it” moment. A tough few years of endless texts, FaceTime sessions, and phone calls had finally came to and end!

how they asked

It was December 11th, 2015 when we were heading off to get in the Christmas spirit by going to see the Rockettes in Rockefeller Center with my parents who had flown in for the weekend. The show ended at about 11 p.m. and as we were walking out, we started walking over to see the christmas tree in the center of Rockefeller. Kurt and I started making our way towards the center of the tree to get the perfect picture. As we found the perfect spot among the masses of the people, an area where we were standing had cleared out. My parents started snapping picture after picture. When we had finally taken what felt like our 50th picture, Kurt took my hand and said “how about we take a picture like this” and then got down on one knee. I instantly started screaming, jumping up and down, and crying as he then said “Will you be my better half?” In the midst of my uncontrollable emotions I screamed “YES!!!” Kurt then stands up, throws his hand in the air and screams “SHE SAID YES!!!” …our nearest and dearest 5,000 friends started clapping and screaming…what a magical moment!


I was in a state of complete shock and a feeling of happiness that is truly indescribable. As we were going over to my parents, a photographer (who just happened to be there) came up to us and told us that he had captured the entire engagement on camera! The moment literally could not have been more perfect!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Rockefeller Center Tree



Special Thanks

Arken Avan