Lianna and Charlie

How We Met

Our love story starts in Madison, Wisconsin. At first, Madison wasn’t really home to either of us since we both were only there for a year before we met. Work moved Charlie from South Dakota and graduate school moved me from Chicago. Our first date was March 31, 2016. We ate, drank, listened to music at a dual piano bar and stayed out way past last call.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Madison, WI

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Madison, WI

The next morning I called my mom to tell her that I found the man I would marry. As we started dating, we went to concerts, weddings, sporting events, and trips home to spend time with family, Catholic Mass every Sunday, and date night at least once a week. We quickly became inseparable.

Lianna and Charlie's Engagement in Madison, WI

how they asked

Charlie proposed on May 13, 2017. Both our families were in town and our mothers planned a perfect graduation party in the entertainment room and courtyard of my apartment complex. Once the party started, Charlie asked me to grab my new puppy, Jameson, and go for a walk. I was my usual stubborn self and argued that I didn’t want to leave the party, but he was persistent, so I followed. As we got to a grassy area away from everyone, he slowly pulled the ring out of his pocket, said words that made my knees weak and asked me to spend the rest of his life with him.

I dropped to my knees, took a few seconds to have everything sink in, said yes a million times then yelled at my family for keeping such a secret from me. I could not imagine a more perfect proposal, with both of our loving families there to support us, just as they’ve been there for us our whole lives! I am still just waiting to wake up from this dream.