Liana and Logan

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How We Met

Logan and I first met four years ago while playing intramural volleyball together in college. I was dating someone at the time, and Logan was SO shy, which is probably why I never even thought anything of him! Little did I know, Logan had a big crush on me throughout our volleyball seasons, I remember he told his best friend, “If I ever dated Liana, I would never let her go!” Fast forward two years, we were out at a country line-dancing bar and I saw Logan and struck up a conversation with him. My liquid courage took over and I blabbed on throughout the night until my favorite song, “Play it Again,” by Luke Bryan started playing, I took hold of Logan and tried to drag him out to the dance floor. He refused! So my girlfriend and I ran out to the floor and started slow dancing together, Logan must’ve took note and mid dance asked to cut in the dance. I was swooned away from that moment on! From that night forward I was hooked on Logan, there was something so special and sweet about him, I knew he would be the one. To this day “Play it Again” is still our song!

how they asked

Logan and I attended the University of South Florida together, the thing to do in college was to get on the mascot Bull and take a picture on it. Well, throughout my entire college career I never got around to doing it! I always told Logan if we ever go back to campus together, I definitely wanted to get up there and take a photo as an alumni. Fast forward to Mother’s Day weekend 2016, Logan and I drove down to surprise my mom for Mother’s Day, little did I know, he spent that weekend asking my parents permission to take my hand in marriage. On our trip home back to Pensacola, we decided we were going to stop at our University and take a “family picture” (me, Logan and our puppy) on the Bull like I had always wanted to. We finally got to campus and started walking and talking about all our memories (Logan’s hands were extremely clammy at this time, but I figured because it was so hot!), Logan hoisted me up on the Bull and then proceeded to hand me a notebook from his bag. He stated it was a mother’s day present from him and our puppy, I opened the first page and it stated “Happy Mother’s Day! – Love Chloe, turn to next page.” I proceeded to turn the page and it stated “P.S. please say yes!” Confused, I looked up from the book and Logan was down on one knee asking me to marry him!

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