Liana and Jared

Engagement Proposal Ideas in New Hope, PA

How We Met

I met Jared in a college theology class during our first week of our freshman year. He was sitting next to one of my friends that I intended to sit next to after walking in a little late from tennis practice. There was an open spot next to him where we sat next to each other for the very first time. My friend Erin introduced us because she knew Jared from home. Little did I know that this sweet guy would become my soon-to-be husband. After our introduction, we didn’t talk again until the end of the semester when we ended up in a study group together for another one of our classes. We began to flirt a little, he asked for my phone number, and we texted back and forth over Christmas break. After a few months, Jared asked me out on our first coffee date in Lansdale, PA in March. We talked for hours and before the night was over he asked me to be his girlfriend. I took some time to think and pray about it and to focus on building a solid friendship first. It was important to both of us to be dating someone who was our friend first. In April, Jared asked me again at a picnic bench with a dozen roses to be his girl! We are going on almost four years since this day.

how they asked

Jared proposed just a few days before Christmas! He wanted to propose in the snow, but said he couldn’t wait any longer and just had to propose! He told me he was treating me to celebrate my graduation from college at a restaurant in New Hope, PA, which we usually do for celebrating special events. We parked on a side street and started walking toward the restaurant on one of the most bitter nights of winter. I asked him where we were going to eat but he said he didn’t want to ruin the surprise. We took a turn on a little pathway to get to where we were going. We had walked this path before so it was not unusual. All of a sudden the pathway was lined with luminaries. I just assumed this was decor for Christmastime and we kept walking a few more steps until I saw a gazebo at the end of the path lit with candles and Christmas lights. Inside the gazebo was our initials “J & L” lit up by tiny lights. I turned to him and was totally shocked. He guided me into the gazebo and held my hands tight. That was where he told me he wanted to spend forever with me as his wife and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Obviously I said yes. :) Jared asked his best friend and his fiancé to help with set up and photograph the event. Sophie of Sophie Marie Photography captured this beautiful photo among others during and after his proposal. We are thankful to have such a great friends that helped make the evening so special! Afterward Jared took me to a delicious dinner at The Lambertville Inn on the other side of the Delaware River.

Liana and Jared's Engagement in New Hope, PA

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