Liana and Chad's Flash Mob Proposal in Boston

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how we met

I have lived in the Boston area my entire life! Chad was living in Vermont and had just moved to Boston several months before the night they met. He was looking to meet new people, and he heard about this bar night for young professionals called Gin & Jews! My friends had started the monthly bar night in which sometimes over a hundred people fill up a bar on a weeknight. I was at the event and had spotted Chad. Being he is 6’2”, he definitely stood out in the crowd! I actually thought he was maybe at the wrong event since he stood out to me so much! Chad was talking to my friend who was running the event, and so I went over to introduce myself. I knew I had to talk to him! We ended up talking the rest of the night, even forgetting how late it was! Chad made me an origami bowtie from a dollar bill, that I still have today. Coincidentally, the name of the bar was Oliver’s, and that is the name of Chad’s dog (at the time) and now our dog! I went out of town for work the next day and the minute I arrived back in town several days later, we went on our first official date and we decided on the 2nd date that we only wanted to be with each other. We make each other stronger, happier, calmer, and at peace.

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how they asked

Liana: We planned a weekend to NYC since Chad’s niece was turning 1 years old. We also planned to celebrate my best friend’s 30th birthday while we were there. She asked me if I wanted to go with her on The Ride, an interactive bus tour around NYC of street performances. Considering I love anything having to do with musical performances, I was SO in! Chad told me while I went on that tour he would go to the movies with his best friend….

Chad: On May 14th 2016, I decided to propose to my girlfriend of 2.5 years in front of Carnegie Hall in NYC in front of her friends, family and a bus full of 50 strangers! My girlfriend thinks she’s going with her best friend on an interactive theatrical bus tour where the streets of NYC come alive through song, dance and comedy. Little does she know that streets will also be coming alive with the love of her family and friends, To be safe, I gave everyone umbrellas so she doesn’t recognize anyone in background.

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Liana: On the last stop, I noticed a group of people with umbrellas facing Carnegie Hall and I thought they were a little creepy or that they were about to dance! The singer and saxophone player started playing Bruno Mars’, “I think I Wanna Marry You” and I had no idea what was happening, still. I was singing along and recording the song! Then, the people with the umbrellas starting coming out two at a time towards the bus and waving, and it turns out it it was our friends and family! I was most shocked to see my parents from Boston, and our dog Oliver! When I saw my parents, I think it all hit me.

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Image 6 of Liana and Chad

Chad came out with Oliver and gave a speech in front of the crowds; then he came on the bus to propose. There was a videographer on the bus; I thought he was filming a promo for The Ride but he was filming me the whole time! I was in complete shock; we talked about getting married one day but I had no idea he was planning to propose now! The proposal was very fitting for us since Chad runs a beer tour company, and we both love musical theater.

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The most special was when he told me that he never thought he could feel like has a home again until he built one with me. Chad’s parents both passed away from illnesses by the time he was 19, and so building our own life and home together is even more meaningful and special for us. This was the best day of my life and I can’t believe Chad pulled this off so flawlessly! I love him so much and I can’t wait to start our lives together.

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