Lia and Ramez

Lia and Ramez's Engagement in Tower Bridge, London UK

How We Met

Ram and I met in our college days. We were in the same class and quickly became good friends. He was that typical “cool” guy in school and we spent a lot of time together studying and going out with our group of friends. After 2 years being besties, we became closer and closer until one day we realized, what we thought was a friendship, was developing into something more.

We started dating at the age of 19, although we were young everything seemed so natural with him. I love that our relationship was built on strong values of trust, respect and friendship – that is really the foundation we have 6 years later. He was my best friend then, and is my best friend today. We’ve been through so much together in the last 6 years I can’t even imagine my life without him. Everything about our relationship feels so easy and meant to be. To this day he still gives me butterflies, makes me die of laughter, makes me smile and picks me up whenever I feel down. He is my rock and I am so excited about our future together. I feel blessed that we’ve had the past 6 years together, and now I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him. I know that as we start our future together, we always said the most important factors in a relationship is Love and Respect – being able to put someone’s needs and wants before your own and WANTING to do that, is really true love and that is what he showed me on November 4th, 2017.

how they asked

Luckily for me, 3 of my besties live in London – my favourite city in the entire world. I absolutely had to go visit them while they are there and spent a few months planning our trip. I convinced Ramez to come on this trip as I wanted him to see my favourite city. Little did I know, I would leave Montreal as Miss and came back as a future Mrs. We had 2 full days of sightseeing, eating, partying and discovering the best city in the world with 12 of of our closest friends. We truly had the best time ever with all of our friends and I was already calling it the best trip of my life, even before the proposal. Saturday, November 4th was a new day, a day that would change our lives forever. After a jam packed day of touring we decided to go for drinks before dinner. We took a long taxi ride to the restaurant Pont-De-La Tour with the gorgeous view of Tower Bridge.

We were all confused why we drove so far to have drinks in the cold outside with no music or ambiance. 3 waiters came to bring us menu’s where we ordered our drinks right away. Once we got our drinks, as we were cheering, the song Single Ladies by Beyoncé came on with a spot light to 3 girls dancing near us. We all found it nice but didn’t think much of it! We were singing along and then slowly my heart started to beat a little faster and in my head I thought, could it be? But then kept telling myself not to get my hopes up there’s NO WAY he could plan a flash mob from Montreal in London.

Then the second song came on and it was Treasure by Bruno Mars, one of Ram and I’s favourite songs! At that moment my heart stopped because I realized it had to be him. Our waiters joined in and started dancing. I looked around and still my friends weren’t reacting so I remained calm and didn’t say anything. The last song was Marry you by Bruno Mars, now my friends started to understand what was going on and I had butterflies all over my body. I started asking Ramez if this was him and he kept saying no until the dancers came to grab him to dance with them. Once he finished the dance the dancers grabbed me and brought me to him. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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This moment was more than I could’ve ever of imagined. Knowing that someone would go so far to make that moment so special to me means more than anything in this world. All of my friends were in absolute shock as well and I was SO happy they got to be there to celebrate with us. Moments after as I went to grab my phone to call my family, my brother was calling me. I picked up crying and asked to FaceTime so I can see my brother, my sister in law and my dad. I couldn’t really hear anything and then I saw my brother and his fiancé walking up to us holding hands. They flew into London for 48 hours to be there for this special moment. I was in absolute shock and couldn’t stop crying. I feel so lucky that I got to have this special moment, in my favourite city with the man of my dreams but also to have my family and my best friends in the whole world there with me – it was PRICELESS! We had a celebratory dinner at Sumosan Twiga, London’s hottest Supper Club and made memories that will last a lifetime. We spent 2 more magical days in London after that. This was the best trip of my entire life. We came home to many celebrations with family and friends and I truly feel so lucky to be marrying my best friend.

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