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How We Met

Keith & I met a little over 7 years ago – at a party he and his roommate’s were hosting at his home. My roommate, Erica, had dragged me out in the middle of February (it’s freezing in UT at this time) to be her wing-woman. I didn’t really want to be there much longer (parties weren’t my thing at the time), but then a really handsome, older student started talking to me so I stuck around awhile longer (the fact that he had a cute, chunky cat also helped). This older guy, Keith, got my number & we ended up going on a double-date with Erica & her guy a few days later. Keith & I couldn’t stop talking that night about everything & anything. I remember telling Erica the next morning, “I think that’s the guy I’m going to marry!” Well, it wasn’t that easy (real love never is). Keith & I ended-up going our separate ways, but we tried it out again a few years later – after we’d both graduated from Westminster College. In 2014, Liza, Keith’s sister, came over to buy a lamp from me (we’d kept in-touch throughout college). Afterwards, I ended up messaging Keith to tell him I’d seen his sister & hoped he was doing well. Keith responded by asking me out… a few times. I finally caved because I had some Ikea furniture I needed built & didn’t really want to do it on my own (plus, who can say ‘no’ to a cute, smart guy like Keith?). I told him I’d be more than happy to go on a date with him if he’d just come over & help me out with it first…So Keith showed-up & showed-off his Eagle Scout furniture-building skills, then wooed me with a picnic in the park, & later, a dinner downtown at The Rest (where I remember we sneakily signed our names in an old book when no-one was looking **Shhhh**).. Once again, we spent the entire day talking & enjoying each other’s company. We picked-up right where we had left off. But time again wasn’t on our side. In fact, it wasn’t until a few month’s later that we officially began dating again. This time around, I reached out to Keith & asked him to meet me for coffee at Carlucci’s. I still remember the butterflies I had when I saw him that day & how easy it was to talk to him about everything on my mind – even though I thought he was incredibly handsome which probably should’ve made me much more nervous than I was. After that coffee date, we met up at the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point a week later & then, later on, the Symphony. Many, many dates followed… Finally, it was our time.. And somewhere between there & now, we fell in-love, began traveling the world together, & adopted the cutest Cavapoo pup, Scarlett. And here we now are… life works in mysterious ways. But it always works out for the best. We’re lucky to have found each other & to have realized how imperfectly perfect we are together. We can’t wait for our next chapter!

how they asked

He told me to plan for dinner at the Alta Club Friday night – something which is totally normal for us. I showed up a bit late (because of work) & wasn’t at all suspect when his parent’s stopped-in (we often have dinner with them there). After, he persuaded me to go for a walk (again, normal) through Memory Grove (one of our favorite running/dog parks). On the way down, we saw a tarantula (a sign of good luck!) & he kept prodding me to ‘go faster’ (still not suspicious – just really craving gelato & a little bitter he wouldn’t let me pet *all* the dogs). After a two mile walk, we finally reached the park.

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It was a gorgeous night – I pointed out how pretty the moon looked next to the Capitol, but wasn’t at all suspicious of the photographer standing there capturing it. He convinced me to walk-up to one of the memorial buildings.. There, on the steps, was the most beautiful display of tea lights & garden flowers (with my favorite: hydrangeas). My first remark was, “Ah! I hope someone didn’t die!” (Thinking it was a memorial). He said, “No, this is all for you…” & got down on one knee.

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The photographer spun around & began documenting it. I found out a few moments later his sister had been watching from her hiding spot in the bushes. But it wasn’t until he told me he’d called my parent’s to ask my Dad’s permission a week ago that I truly began the ugly cry. We spent the rest of the night calling friends & family & drinking champagne till the early morning. Two weeks later we flew to Greece for our ‘engagement-moon’.

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