Lia and Jonathan

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How We Met

Swish…It started with a heart and pretty much became love at first swipe. Like many millennials, we turned to online dating to meet each other and, after a couple of days of messaging back and forth through Tinder, we decided to meet up at a local Dunkin’. We talked, then went to dinner (because I got hungry) and talked some more, and later went back to my dorm room and continued to just talk all night long.

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Time seemed to fly by because the next thing we knew, it was 4 o’clock in the morning. Although this was several years ago, I still feel the excitement of getting to meet Jon, and fall in love over and over again every single moment. It has now been 5 amazing years since we first met and started dating!

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How They Asked

It all started with a friend of Jon’s getting married out in Chicago earlier in July. We were both invited to the wedding and talked about how we wanted to take a week-long road trip to drive back home from Chicago to Boston stopping in different cities in every state along the way. We made a day-by-day itinerary of our plans for our trip. The only day we did not have an official plan for was that Friday (July 16th) and what we would do for dinner. Immediately this raised suspicion for me as Jon is very meticulous and likes to have a plan for everything he does, especially when planning a long trip.

Throughout the months of planning leading up to our trip, Jon threw out a few ideas of where we could go to dinner that night trying to plant a seed in my mind about what may happen that evening but also not give everything away. I’m a very curious person and I don’t like surprises, so I kept trying to figure out what the exact plan was for that day. By the time we left for our trip, I was pretty certain where we’d be going and what was going to happen that evening partly because Jon made it pretty clear we’d be getting engaged sometime during our trip.

By the time the actual day happened, Jon confirmed my suspicions on where we’d be going because he needed my help to enter the address into the GPS and navigate for him. Despite the fact I now knew where we’d be going and what was going to happen, Jon told me there was still a surprise or two I didn’t know about. We arrived at Magnanini Winery in Wallkill, NY (we’ve been to this winery two times before for my birthday the past two years and had a great time) for their Friday homemade pasta night!

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I had to use the bathroom after a long drive in the car and by the time I came back to find Jon, he showed me one of the surpriseshis dad! Jon’s dad came all the way from Maryland to New York to be there for us. I honestly had absolutely no idea that his dad was coming and was completely shocked to see him! Then a few minutes later, my parents pulled in the driveway and came over to us (I had a vague idea that my parents were going to be there as Jon mentioned he had to coordinate something with them beforehand).

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The 5 of us went into the winery to enjoy a delicious pasta dinner filled with a lot of conversation and shared stories and laughs between my parents and his dad. Everyone was asking how our trip was as well and all the different places we had been to. By the time dinner was over, Jon wanted to walk to the garden near the vineyard. I knew exactly what was going to happen at this point, yet I still felt so nervous but also excited. We made it to the garden, Jon pulled me in for a hug and started to talk to me as I buried my head in his shoulder and immediately started crying. Jon was then trying to pull away from me so he could actually get down on one knee but struggled because I wouldn’t let him go at first. Eventually, he was able to pull away and I continued to ball my eyes out as he knelt down pulling out the most beautiful and perfect ring to me. I of course said yes when he asked amidst my blubbering and tears. What made the moment even more special was that our family was right there to witness the moment and take some great pictures that we will treasure for a lifetime.

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I am so excited to be marrying my best friend and every time I look down at my left hand, I smile with joy and excitement. I am incredibly blessed to have an amazing fiancé and soon-to-be husband!

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