Lia and Jesse

Where to Propose in Our new home

How We Met

In 2011, Jesse and I were finishing up the end of our freshmen years at college. Jesse went to Eastern University and I went to Cabrini College. Lia’s sister, Danielle, who also went to Eastern University was friends with Jesse.

One day, Danielle, introduced Jesse to me. Jesse asked Danielle for my number to get to know me better. With school coming to an end for the year, Jesse and I weren’t able to hang out in person. Instead, we texted every day that summer. The conversation never ended.. it was perfect.

Once we headed back to school that fall, we were with each other every day. We were inseparable. Only 2 weeks into school that year, Jesse asked me to be his girlfriend with flowers and a note outside of my dorm room.

I immediately said yes!!

After college and 3 years of dating, Jesse asked me to move up to where he lived.

I immediately said yes!!

Both living in our own apartments, we grew closer together in our relationship and our love blossomed. It was amazing.

How They Asked

After 71/2 years of dating, on December 28,2018..Jesse proposed to me. It was the best night of our lives.

A few days before the proposal, Jesse asked me to go on a date to my favorite Italian restaurant. On our way to the restaurant, Jesse got a phone call from his father and had to check something over at a property for work.

Jesse asked me to come into the property and to my surprise there was a photo collage of all of the photos we’ve taken together over the years, 3 dozen long stemmed roses, champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, and a beautiful large heart painted on the wall that read, “Jesse Loves Lia.”

Jesse got down on one knee and told me that he purchased this home for us. He asked me to marry him, grow old with him and to create a family with him in our new home.

With tears of happiness – I immediately said YES!

We are eternally grateful for the love and support from God, our family, and our friends.

I fall more in love with him every day that passes. We can’t wait to become the new Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Patterson on January 4, 2020!