Lharizza and Eric

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Walt Disney World

How We Met

The story of how my fiancé and I met began at the United States Military Academy- at West Point, NY of April 2014. We became friends at first for two months. Within those two months of hanging out and getting to know each other fairly well, we found ourselves falling for each other and the rest was history. The years we have been together has been spent mostly long distance due to him being in the Army and finishing school at Penn State. With all the things we have endured, we are just one step closer to being together forever.

Where to Propose in Walt Disney World

how they asked

Who knew my first time at Disney World would be the place I said yes to the man of my dreams, the proposal was definitely unexpected and a complete surprise to me.

On March 8, 2017, my fiancè and I arrived at Orlando International Airport. I was so excited because I’ve never been to Florida and Disney World. We rushed to the hotel because we wanted to get to Magic Kingdom right away. Eric kept telling me to dress nicely, put some makeup on, and fix my hair. I started wondering why he was saying this because I knew I wanted to wear something comfortable since we were going on rides and do lots of walking. I was also getting text messages from my mom asking me if we made to the park yet or anything, multiple times. I just thought it was just my mom being my mom-watching out for her daughter. After getting ready, we found ourselves inside Magic Kingdom. I was taking everything in and taking pictures because I was in awe of the place.

Eric and I started walking along Main Street USA and closer to Cinderella’s Castle, when he requested that we get photos because he thought the spot we were at is perfect for photos and there was a Disney Photopass Photographer taking pictures of guests. Once it was our turn to take photos, we were posing and following what the photographer was saying. A few minutes later, Eric went behind me and was gesturing to his ring finger to the photographer. I absolutely had no idea what was going on since I was still facing the photographer and smiling for pictures.

All of the sudden, Eric comes around- gets on one knee and asks, “will you marry me?”. I was still trying to process about what is happening and crying that I didn’t even say “yes” right away. I asked him if he asked my parents first because that was the most important thing to me and he did. Once I got the confirmation, I said “yes” and that day, became one of the best days of our lives.