Leyshla and Harshal

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How We Met

Harshal and I met back in 2009 while we were both vacationing in Mexico with our friends. We bumped into each other at a beach lounge. Luckily, our group of friends were mutual and it just so happened to be that a friend from my group and a friend from his group were dating at the time. This worked to our benefit because it gave us a chance to get to know each other. It wasn’t until a month later that he asked me out for our first date – and the rest is history…

how they asked

Viewing the Aurora Borealis has always been something on our bucket list. We love to travel, so vacationing to Alaska was nothing out of the ordinary. Originally, we planned on viewing the lights in Fairbanks but the cloudy sky prevented any chance of visibility. The tour guides decided to take us out west where we can get a better view. When we arrived, I excitedly yelled “You have to see this!” At first sight, the lights were breathtaking! Hints of purple and green dancing along the starlit night sky; we were mesmerized. Immediately, I wanted to capture the moment. I asked Harshal for a picture together. He ever so casually agreed, and we posed for a picture. It was in that moment I heard the tour guide shout “Camera rolling!” To MY surprise, Harshal turned to me and began to recite his well thought out proposal. To HIS surprise… he forgot it! After a few seconds of mumbled jargon, he was able to express his sentiments. He got down on one knee and asked me the most important question of our future… “Will you marry me?”

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Special Thanks

Ronn Murray
 | Photography
Ronn Murray
 | Aurora Tour Guide