Lexy and Nate

how they asked

For the past three months I’ve been lying to Lexy about what I’m doing, where I’m going, and who I’m talking to. Planning this night. This ended up being the most stressful, happy, unforgettable moments. A long time ago, I bought a ring because I knew I was going to marry this girl one day or I was going to spend forever trying to convince her to marry me. So I started planning and I had many different ideas, but I couldn’t think anything better than on top of a skyscraper in NYC. A city that we both love to visit. Not to mention the very spot I told her I loved her for the first time. I had the ring, I had the place, and now what? So I started listening to her closer to find out what is really important to her. I found out that sincerity, pictures, love, happiness, romance, and her grandparents were very important to her. She also loves Christmas. I know this because she has sang, “The Grinch” song since around Thanksgiving. I started thinking how to bundle all this together. I spoke to many people about the arrangements and they were excited to help me. People from our hotel on Times Square have gone to such great efforts to make this perfect. I knew I wanted to have candles on the rooftop for sincerity, love, and romance. Check. I took her out the Rockefeller to see the ice skating rink, the Angels, and all the other Christmas decorations before going to the rooftop. Check happiness off the list. Now I had to find a way to involve her grandparents. I asked them for permission and their opinion about asking Lexy to marry me. They were excited and happy. Which was a huge relief for me and I knew then I was making the right decision. I can trust her papaw to be honest with me because he is always honest about how bad my golf swing is. I had two things left to check off the list. Christmas, and pictures. I had her grandparents sign a canvas that read, “Mr. and Mrs. Kelly, may I marry your granddaughter?” They signed YES! I had another canvas that read, “Will you marry me?” I had them wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper and sent to the rooftop a week before our trip. Everything was checked off but pictures. I know how important pictures are to Lexy. She takes pictures of everything so I hired a professional photographer to capture this amazing moment in our lives. Everything’s taken care of and its been almost 48 hours since I’ve slept because I’m so nervous. I can’t stop thinking about things that could go wrong like losing the ring or falling getting on a knee, so I practiced in the bathroom before we when to the rooftop.

It’s now time to go to the rooftop and they have already lit the candles. I can see them from inside. I’m shaking nervous. Once we go outside to “take a picture” it is dark with no light but candles and the lights from Times Square below. I told Lexy I had a Christmas present for her. The canvas were wrapped and leaning against the wall behind the candles. When I said that; all the lights on the rooftop came on and it was me, her, candles, an audience from the rooftop and from windows in other buildings. We made the skyline of NYC a little brighter with these lights. Once she opened the present that asked for permission to marry her I got on one knee and the photographer came out. After I got the head nod yes and the left hand extended I put the ring on her finger. People come up and congratulated us and we took some more pictures. We celebrated with champagne and me getting all the lies and cover ups off my chest. It couldn’t have been better. I just got the prettiest and funniest girl in NYC that night to agree to marry me. The reason I tell this story is because if we work on our marriage as hard as everyone worked on getting this engagement to be perfect then we will have a long lasting, happy, perfect marriage. I’m excited, happy, lucky and grateful to have such a great fiancé. I love you, Lexy Snyder!

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Special Thanks

Max Pensky
 | Organizer
Kyle Cho
 | Photographer