Lexy and Max

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How We Met

Max and I met at the Pride Parade in San Francisco, CA. I like to start the story off that way because everyone is always shocked! Max and I were both finishing up college in the Midwest. I was in Minnesota and he was in Michigan. We were both back for the summer visiting our parents and enjoying our summer vacation. It was the end of the summer on a gorgeous day when i would be introduced to the love of my life. We were both at the Pride Parade…celebrating love for everyone! One of our mutual friends who I had went to high school with and who was Max’s current college roommate saw that we were both there on Snapchat. He introduced us through a group text and we actually met up. Now the rest is history…

how they asked

We were heading up to Lake Tahoe for a little weekend getaway late on a Friday evening. Tahoe was the place that we fell in love, started dating and soon to be where my best friend asked me to be his human forever. We frequently went up to Tahoe for little getaways so I really had NO IDEA that he was about to ask me to marry him.

When we arrived to Tahoe he had suggested that we take our miniature bulldog, Lulu, on a walk down to the beach. I obviously said lets do it, it had just snowed, the sun was out and it was a beautiful day. We strolled down to the beach and on to the pier to take a quick selfie… by my request (seriously, it was beautiful out). While I was wrapped up in the beauty of the mountains and Lake Tahoe itself, Max was a little ways behind me shuffling around… I thought he was just being slow. When he caught up to me he asked me to take Lulu. Then asked “Whats wrong with Lulu’s neck, babe??!”. When I bent over to make sure my fur baby was okay I saw it. A sign around Lulu’s neck that said “Will you marry my daddy?”. I gasped and when I turned around the love of my life asked me to marry him.

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In case you were wondering… I SAID YES! We are now set to get married in South Lake Tahoe on top of Mountain Heavenly in 2019.

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Special Thanks

Rafal Bogowolski
 | Photographer