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How We Met

Matt & I met July 12, 2014 at a concert in Gadsden, AL. We met through mutual friends and never left each others sides after that. I knew from the moment I met him he was something special. We lived twenty-five miles from each other and didn’t even know it. (Well he says he followed me on Instagram before we met but I never followed back.. I do now though.) We hung out in Gadsden that night and I remembering God telling me there was something special about him and to hold on. Sure enough he was right because I couldn’t imagine life without him. I knew from the moment we met he was the one.

how they asked

I had a dream the night before Matt had asked me to marry him. I told him about it the next morning and he smiled and walked out of the room. He was acting extremely weird that morning and so was my family. My mom had us scheduled to take a tour at the Cook Castle in Fort Payne, AL. It had always been a dream of mine to go see the castle in person. She also said we were taking Christmas pictures that day too.

While I was getting ready that morning I thought to myself what if he asks me today and it kept running through my mind but I just said no there’s no way. I walked downstairs to make sure I matched everyone else for the pictures. Matt had on red, my mom had on pink and my step-dad had on blue. I was confused to say the least but everyone played it off pretty well. We got in the car and headed to Fort Payne which is about an hour and a half away.

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We arrived at the castle and someone was taking pictures of this little girl in front of the castle. (That was really our photographer and her daughter) I had no idea. My mom was getting frustrated with my step-dad making sure he parked in the right spot because the rest of our family was behind the castle but I had no idea at that point. We got out of the car and a lady that worked at the castle introduced herself to us and told us she would be giving us the tour and they were taking pictures for Christmas cards in the front but that they should be finished soon so we could go get a picture. We all got together and took a few pictures on the side of the castle before we walked to the front. As we were walking to the front I guess I was too busy looking at the castle to pay any attention of what was actually about to happen.

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Matt grabs my hand and takes me to the front and I see all of these people walk from behind the castle. At first I thought oh they are taking pictures here today too but no I was wrong. It was our family. I lost it at the point. Matt said, “you know how I feel about you” then got down on one knee.

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Tears kept coming. I even asked him if “this was real.” I was in complete shock. Finally he said, “is that a yes?” I said of course and kissed him!

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It was a complete dream come true. I got my fairy tale proposal in front of a real castle that day and now I get to spend forever with my best friend.

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