Lexy and Austin

How We Met

A mutual friend of Lexy and mine, Kirsten, randomly called me one day and said, “I found the perfect girl for you!”. I told her that at that time I was really over the whole dating scene. About three weeks later Kirsten sent me a picture of Lexy. Let’s just say my mind changed pretty quickly and I gave this Lexy girl a call. We set up a “blind date” (I had seen pictures of her, but we had never met). For our first date, I wanted to go over the top. I knew I needed flowers and I decided that I would write some cheesy haikus; since I knew she was a literature teacher I thought she’d be into that kind of thing. The day of our first date I left a little late from my place to pick her up, having spent too much time on my haikus. But then I got stuck in traffic picking up some flowers. By the time I finished all of this, I plugged in Lexy’s address and realized I would be VERY late. I literally was 40 minutes late picking her up. A pretty rough first impression, but the flowers and the haikus saved the date and won her over. We had dinner and talked for nearly 7 hours on our first date. The rest is history.

How They Asked

A proposal “by the book” ?

I’d accomplished two wonderful years of dating a passionate high school literature teacher, so I knew I needed a couple of plot twists. Directly after googling how much it costs to rent a helicopter, a more subtle (and wallet friendly) idea dawned upon me. Thankfully, it was still one that had some shock factor. Over the weekend, Lexy and I were celebrating our two year anniversary, so I told her we had an early dinner reservation Friday evening.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Read Shop Atlanta

Knowing me, Lexy concluded that there was no way that I would propose on our two year anniversary; that’d be a much too predictable story. I suppose some reverse psychology ensued that week and the plot twist began. On our way to our dinner reservation, I told her that I wasn’t completely honest with her. I informed her that our reservation wasn’t until later and that my first-anniversary gift to her was to stop by a cute bookstore and let her pick out any book she liked. Of course, she was ecstatic because she loves literature. We entered the Read Shop and she immediately began to browse.

Proposal Ideas Read Shop Atlanta

Unbeknownst to her, prior to that week, I developed a plan with the generous owner of Read Shop, Justin, and our dear friends Kirsten and Turner. I hunted down a book online with a hidden/cut-out compartment. After lots of super glue, duck tape, and three failed attempts with different ring boxes, I was able to hide Lexy’s engagement ring in a groovy looking Reader’s Digest. Before we arrived, I had Turner and Kirsten place my proposal book on the tallest shelf, where Lexy wouldn’t see it.

I got coffee as she looked around, and after a few minutes, I grabbed her attention as I pointed at a small green book on the top shelf. I asked, “What about this one?”, as I climbed the ladder to grab it. Back on the ground, I opened the Reader’s Digest and she exclaimed, “Are you serious?!”. For a moment I thought to myself, “Wow, really? This would be such a messed up joke…”. As she stood in front of me, this lovely reader did her best to digest the seriousness of all that was taking place. I then proposed. She said YES! And now I get to marry the love of my life.

Lexy and Austin's Engagement in Read Shop Atlanta

Special Thanks

Turner Zahn
Kirsten Zahn
Justin Brostek
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