Lexie and Nick

Lexie and Nick's Engagement in Norton, VA

How We Met

Nick and I grew up in the same very small town. Basically, we’ve known each other for the majority of our lives, and we were friends throughout high school. We tried to date once in the eleventh grade, but it didn’t work out because the timing was just wrong. I always admired him. He never let people waste his time so he wasn’t much for superficial, empty high school relationships like most were. He was someone that no one felt like they could have. Truthfully, I never thought that we would end up together. It has been the most pleasant surprise of my life! In January of 2015, I was happy with how things were going in my life. I was finally learning a lot about who I was and what I really wanted. I was ready for a relationship, I had just stopped looking for one. Isn’t it funny how that works? Anyway, we were catching up at a basketball game at our old high school, and we really had a great time. So I started showing up to more of them so we could spend time together.

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Don’t get me wrong, high school basketball games are not our favorite past time- especially now that we are graduated- but it became an excuse for us to see each other. He started picking me up to take me to the games and I was just really excited about seeing him. We finally decided to go on a date and it was instant. I knew from that first night that he was completely unlike any other person I’d ever met. He was caring, respectful, fun, and someone I could really be comfortable around. I say it all the time, he was the one from day one! We made our relationship official a few weeks later and I never looked back. I fell for him so fast and so hard. He was like the perfect boyfriend. I know how that sounds, but I don’t care. I mean every word of it.

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I have admired his faith, creativity, and wisdom since the very beginning of our relationship and it has been unwavering. He has respected me like no other person ever has. He supports my decisions and pushes me to be better. More than anything, he loves me passionately. I love with my whole heart and I knew that could get me into trouble, so I prayed for years asking God for a man that would love me as much as I love him. Nick was an answered prayer in that way. Throughout the course of our relationship, I started to believe that God absolutely had brought us together in the best way in His right timing. I realized that he was the man I had been praying for every time I prayed for “my future husband.” The way he lives life is so inspiring and I can’t imagine living any other way than becoming his wife and loving him for the rest of my days.

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how they asked

On Saturday, January 21, 2017, I think I am going to be working a formal anniversary event at Zest Catering’s downtown location. Little do I know, my boyfriend is about to propose to me. Walking to the venue, I’m sure that I will be serving food and washing dishes for the rest of the night, but I open the door to a dimly lit room with a beautifully romantic setup.

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There is no one in sight. Looking around the room, I notice that there is a beautiful table set up for two people. I then notice that the song “Take the World” by Johnny Swim is playing over the speakers. This is the very song that reminds me of my relationship with Nick, which I always swore we would dance to at our wedding. At this point I’m thinking I might have walked into my own anniversary dinner. However, I quickly dismiss the idea and assure myself that I am indeed going to be working all night. So there I stand admiring the stage decorations and the rose petals all over the floor, just taking in the atmosphere of it all.

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I had no idea that Nick was on the other side of that curtain. I had no idea that he was the reason behind my trip to the nail salon with my sisters earlier that week. I had no idea that he was the one who told Shawn to make me dress up for the event I was “working”. I had no idea that he had previously conspired with my sister to get me out of the house in order to ask my father for his blessing. I had no idea that he had hired a photographer to capture the very moment before, during, and after I would become his fiancé. I had no idea that he had my ring hidden in his bedroom for weeks. I was just utterly clueless about how things were about to change. So… Completely unexpectedly, Nick walks around the corner of the beautifully decorated stage. He’s so dressed up and he looks as handsome as ever!! I am freaking out at this point as I decide that this IS my anniversary dinner and he’s such a genius because he surprised me early so I would have no idea.

Still, I’m completely clueless and completely wrong. This isn’t my anniversary dinner. He takes my hand and walks me up the stairs to the table. But we don’t sit down. He then starts talking about how we went on our first date two years ago this week and how every day since then has been the best time of his life. He is being so serious and I’m soaking in everything he has to say while I’m also trying to process that this is it. This is the moment!!! He’s holding my shaking hands and then I hug him so tight.

The next thing I know, he’s reaching for something and he gets down on one knee. He opens a ring box (that he made himself) and I really can’t believe my eyes! I see the most gorgeous ring I’ve ever laid eyes on. I could swear it is dancing in the lights! Then, he asks me to marry him and obviously I say “Yes!” It’s like I’m dreaming as he puts the ring on my finger.

I am just so shocked. After some time of celebration, our incredible photographer, Trevor Hager, congratulates us and we jump right into our engagement session! It is the perfect evening for pictures and we are simply glowing with excitement!

After taking pictures, we sit down to eat the meal that I originally thought I was going to be serving. On the contrary, I didn’t have to lift a finger because our dear friend Shawn from Zest Catering prepared all of my favorites from his menu for us to eat!! So we eat as Nick answers all of my questions about how he kept such a big secret from me! I want to know everything. He has completely surprised me and I have to know how he got away with it. After dinner, we go to see our families to celebrate with them. It has been such an amazing evening! I can’t believe it’s real. I can’t believe it’s ours. Ever since, I just keep thinking about that day. How Nick thought of every detail and planned this evening so specifically to our relationship and what’s important to me. How he took the time to make me feel so special and so celebrated!! Honestly, I couldn’t have (and definitely wouldn’t have) planned it any better myself. Every detail was perfect. He made all of my engagement dreams come true that day

Special Thanks

Trevor Hager