Lexie and Nathan

How We Met

Nathan and I met in an education class in college. We were very casual acquaintances (in fact, I wasn’t a big fan of him!). We didn’t talk much until he began spending more time in the music building when he switched his major to music (which was my major, too!). Nathan and I began dating our senior year of college. Since then, we have both lived in the same area in Iowa, spending as much time together as possible between our jobs: he worked as a worship musician and leader (a violinist and bass player), and I continue to work as a vocal music teacher.

Where to Propose in My Apartment

how they asked

Recently, the time came for Nathan to pursue music more seriously in Wyoming. The night before he was to leave, I was understandably upset that he would be gone for months before I would see him again. Sometime around 6:30, Nathan suggested we play a game of Trivial Pursuit (presumably, I thought, to cheer me up. I was definitely right!) The large Trivial Pursuit book we had received as a Christmas gift from my parents was perfect for passing the time or spending some time together. He opened it up to a random page and started testing my knowledge. “How many strings are on a violin?” he read. Embarrassingly, I got this one wrong! “Who is your favorite violin player?” he read, smirking. “…you?” I said, not knowing where he was going but knowing that this was definitely not a question from the book. “Do you like him? He’s an ok guy?” “Yes,” I began to tear up again as I remembered he’d be leaving soon. “Do you think you could spend the rest of your life with him?” “Yes.” At that point, he stood up and pulled a ring box out of his pocket. I was shocked! He got down on one knee and proposed, right there in my living room (yes, I was in my sweats with no make up–good thing there were no pictures!) I love this story for several reasons. First, because it’s our story. Second, because it’s nerdy, goofy, and totally perfect. Finally, because it means that if he is willing to propose to me while I’m sobbing and sniffling, sloppily dressed, and make-up free, then I know he really must love me. :)

Marriage Proposal Ideas in My Apartment