Lexie and Grant

How We Met

Grant and I met on Bumble in 2015! Our first date was at Starbucks and ended up lasting 3.5 hours! I knew immediately that he was something special. He was intentional, kind, funny, and hardworking. I could tell that right away. I was drawn to him and couldn’t wait to get to know more! Throughout those 3.5 years, our love and relationship continued to grow stronger every day. He is truly the greatest man and best friend I could ever ask for.

Lexie and Grant's Engagement in TCU Campus - Ft. Worth Texas

How They Asked

Grant and I were at the college graduation for his little brother, Dillon, when he popped the question (sorry little bro! haha). The ceremony had just ended and we were outside with the whole family waiting to meet with Dillon. Dillon loves photography and Grant mentioned that he needed a new headshot for work, so he was going to have Dillon take a quick photo because of how pretty the campus is. The three of us separated from the family and began looking for a spot. They seemed to take forever on finding the perfect spot. I was so tired and just wanted them to get the show on the road! “How does this look?” Grant asked. “Yeah, yeah that’s fine,” I replied. I am a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and had just finished a rigorous tryout process the day before. My feet were achy and I was extremely sore. I couldn’t wait to get back to the car to sit down.

Where to Propose in TCU Campus - Ft. Worth Texas

Wedding Proposal Ideas in TCU Campus - Ft. Worth Texas

Finally, they found a spot, and I sat down on a nearby bench to take my heels off. I was seriously in pain from the auditions! Right before I was about to untie my heel Grant said: “Hey Lex just take one with me before I do them by myself.” Ahhhh ok.. if you insist. I walked over and posed with Grant. He said, “Let’s do one back to back.” I honestly didn’t even think twice because I was just trying to get the pics done with haha.

Lexie's Proposal in TCU Campus - Ft. Worth Texas

LOOK AT THAT CHEEKY GRIN!!! He was feeling bold apparently! Posing with the ring box before I even knew. After I turned around from being back to back he was down on one knee! I truly don’t think I have ever been so surprised!!! All I ever wanted was to be surprised. If he planned a fancy dinner or a big vacation, I would have known about the engagement immediately. The fact that it was graduation day for Dillon totally threw me for a loop! Grant had the perfect speech planned and I immediately began to shake!

MY BEST FRIEND HAD JUST PROPOSED! I was so shocked and filled with happiness. We hugged Dillon and left to head to dinner. The surprises kept coming! Grant had planned an engagement dinner with all of our family and friends. What a perfect ending to the best day ever! Now we are only 84 days away from our wedding on May 17. I can’t wait!

Special Thanks

Dillon Smith
 | Photographer